Lama Wushu Hop Gar

A style of Wushu emphasizing combat effectiveness. The style is based on Lion Roar Wushu, which originated during the Tang dynasty and was taught to many generations of monks It finally reached the Lama, from which the style derived its nickname, Lama Wushu. The name was changed to Hop Gar early in the twentieth century. Hop Gar teaches both short and long range techniques and uses both empty hand and weapons techniques. Footwork is practiced on top of the so-called plum flower stumps, posts of various heights driven into the ground. Practitioners train on them to develop balance and other skills. Technique and form are rigorously taught, but once the practitioner has mastered the method, he or she adapts the techniques to meet his or her needs. (From The Martial Arts Encyclopedia by Jennifer Lawler).