Nexersys MMA Training Equipment Launches at UFC Fan Expo

Nexersys MMA Training Equipment

Nexersys Launches Interactive Mixed Martial Arts Training Equipment at UFC Fan Expo

General availability of the Nexersys iPower Trainer sparks interest amongst MMA competitors and home fitness enthusiasts alike

Houston, TX October 07, 2011

Nexersys Corporation today announced at UFC136 Fan Expo, the global launch of both the Nexersys iPower Trainer, consumer and commercial editions. The systems combine the intensity of combat sports training, the sophistication and electronic interface of fast-paced gaming, and the accountability and motivation of a personal trainer. The iPower Trainer marks a major step forward in interactive, professional-grade fitness equipment for the home and commercial gym.

Maximizing on the early interest from UFC stars, including Chael Sonnen and Urijah Faber, Nexersys is launching the iPower Trainer via a press conference at the UFC136 Fan Expo on October 7th at 1:30pm CT. Nexersys will be at booth #1836. Terry Jones, Chairman and CEO of Nexersys, will be on hand to answer technical questions about the equipment, and UFC fighter Urijah Faber will be on hand to offer his perspective. Nexersys is also supporting Chael Sonnen in his bout with Brian Stann on Saturday night.

“We think the launch of the Nexersys is the most significant development of fitness equipment in the last 20 years  creating a new category in the personal training market through a 2-way communication, fully interactive experience,” said Mr. Jones. “The trainer is incredibly easy to use, offers great instruction on form and technique, builds fitness at a pace that other equipment can’t match and is just a blast.”

The Nexersys iPower Trainer delivers a high intensity mixed martial arts (MMA) Interval Training workout through 4 minute technique, strike, core and cardio video training and Avatar sparring rounds. There are 7 strike pads located in 3 strikes zones (head, body and legs). There are accelerometers in each strike pad that capture extensive data on each strike and send that data to the Nexersys computer where it is processed delivering individualized performance feedback to the user. Feedback includes accuracy, pace, power, heart rate, caloric burn and points when playing Avatar Strike Training. Pads are calibrated to know the difference between strikes used in strike training and touches used in cardio and core training as well as male and female users. Nexersys has programs for beginners, intermediate and advanced fitness levels, providing an effective fitness experience for all users.

The Nexersys iPower Trainer consumer edition is available immediately from for $2,295.00 with interest-free financing payments starting as low as $75.00 per month. A commercial edition will be available in January 2012, to commercial gyms, hospitality businesses, first responders and the military.

About Nexersys Corporation

Nexersys is leading a fitness revolution and pioneering the expanding “Exergaming” market with the iNTELLIGENT and iNTERACTIVE iPower Trainer. Combining the latest in exercise equipment and interactive gaming, Nexersys iPower Trainer is a professional-grade multimedia fitness product that delivers the motivation of a personal trainer, the benefits of a mixed martial arts high-intensity interval training workout and the entertainment and feedback available from today’s gaming and computer technology. Nexersys was founded on 2009 and in headquartered in Austin, Texas. For more information see


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