There is something truly liberating in knowing you can be your own hero if necessary. The most precious thing our Concrete Jungle self defense course gives to students is the freedom to live life as fully as they wish, without being shackled by fears. The confidence and skills you gain allow you to travel the world unafraid, hike forest trails whenever you wish, or perhaps just to go to the store late at night; these skills are your ticket to choices made out of strength and freedom, instead of fear.

The first line of personal defense is always avoidance and prevention, so here are some self defense tips to help keep you out of harm’s way:

  1. Expand your level of awareness by tuning back into nature: what do you see, hear, smell, feel, sense? By extension you will be aware of being watched, approached, footsteps behind you . . .
  2. Be assertive if someone is invading your personal space or violating your boundaries. Boundary violation is a common victim compliance test or interview.
  3. Always trust your gut instincts. Remove yourself from any situation that feels uncomfortable.
  4. Never walk or jog with headphones on: they make you easy to catch off guard.
  5. Carry an improvised weapon, such as a pen, in you hands or shirt pocket. Stab attackers eyes and throat if attacked.
  6. Check to see if someone is underneath your car as you approach it. Check the back seat before getting in. Use the window reflection to make sure no one is closing in from behind.
  7. Wear clothes that enable you freedom of movement.
  8. If you make eye contact with oncoming people, break contact on a level plane. Looking down projects weakness and submission.
  9. Carry yourself with confidence – head up, scanning your surroundings. Predators choose victims who appear unaware, timid, or lost. Remember it’s hard to project confidence unless you have something (like the skills!) to back it up.
  10. Be prepared. Invest the time and effort to learn how to protect yourself and your loved ones. We would much prefer to train you on foresight than on hindsight . . .

Copyright 1998 Cordelia Clancy.

Cordelia Clancy is an Executive Protection Specialist (Bodyguard) and a black belt instructor in Tukong Moosul, the martial art used to train elite South Korean Special Forces. She writes instructional articles for Black Belt and Karate Kung-Fu Illustrated – two of the top martial arts magazines in the world. Clancy created Concrete Jungle Self Defense to train people how to become their own bodyguards. She now trains people from all walks of life, from students to military personnel, from corporations to government agencies.

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