Any good massage is beneficial. The Systema combative body massage that we do in classes has its own unique and practical value. Done in a training session, it becomes an important part of overall development of the spirit and body.

The Systema combative body massage practices usually include:

  • Tissue Impact
  • Bodyweight Massage
  • Percussive Massage
  • Joint Tapping
  • Visceral Pressures

Compared to passively receiving treatment from a masseuse, the combative body techniques are done within the spirit of action, training and fighting arts. While you exchange tapping, pushing, stepping on each other, controlling breath intensity, pain, balance, tension, and relaxation, you don’t ‘skip a beat’.

The warrior’s mind set is never lost. All of these practices are done with constructive energy and awareness, equally helpful to both the giver and the recipient.

Ideally, the combative body practices are done in the beginning and at the end of a class. If the training session is longer, they can be done in between training topics as well.

With the use of these tools, you become a better fighter. One that is more relaxed, more aware of your own and your partner’s physical parameters. Be sure to incorporate this in your training!

For demonstrations and explanations of these practices, watch The Combative Body, Part 1: Tissue Impact.

Discover the direct connection between bodywork and preparation for combat.

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