The Warrior

I am a martial artist
Dedicated to my cause
If confronted with aggression
I will answer without pause
Some people feel that I am dangerous
That I am roughly bred
But that is an illusion
That they harbor in their head
I am a gentle entity
There is no malice in my soul
Self discovery and discipline
Perfection is my goal
I am warm and I am tender
I am brash and I am bold
If my hand is forced to violence
I will respond a hundred fold
I am an angel if allowed to be
But I am a demon in a fight
Though it goes against my nature
I will strive with all my might
I am trained to my profession
And what I do I do quite well
Though heavenly in nature
I will give the devil hell

I don’t embrace aggression
And I will turn away from strife
If the choice is one of life and death
My choice is always life
But if forced to defend the innocent
I will harken to the call
Life offers many challenges
And I give answer to them all

Dr. Donald Miskel, Martial Artist