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Budo International MagazineRead issues of Budo InternationalMagazine on USAdojo.com. Budo International Magazine is the only martial arts magazine published in seven different languages (English, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, German, and Croatian) and sold worldwide. Budo Magazine is the largest specialized magazine in over 60 countries and the foremost martial arts publication in Europe, South America, Central America and Australia, as well as having editions in Greece and Czechoslovakia. Budo monthly publication brings exciting and exotic masters and material that is truly universal. Budo also covers all types of events, from tournaments to movies and the magazine brings a gust of fresh air mixed with European quality to the American culture. Read Budo International Magazine issues in English here on USAdojo.com. Click on the title to read each issue. The page numbers are the pages used by the PDF reader, not those of the magazine itself. Enjoy!

Read Budo International Magazine Issues 65-37

 International Magazine 65BUDO MAGAZINE ISSUE #65
KYUSHO – Evan Pantazi – The 6 Hands of the Bubishi, Pg 8
LAMECO ESKRIMA- Guro Edgar G. Sulite Doble-Baston Pg 16
WENG CHUN KUNG FU – Sifu Andreas Hoffmann – Weng Chun’s Secret Bodywork of Saam Pai Fat Pg 24
KRAV MAGA – Yaron Lichtenstein – Original Krav Maga, Pg 30
AIKIDO NOMURA – Kazuo Nomura – Yamato Aikido, Pg 38
HU JIANQIANG WUSHU – Hu Jianqiang, Pg 42
TAEKWONDO – Taekwondo Explosive Kicks M Elmalem, Pg 50


 Budo International Magazine 64BUDO MAGAZINE ISSUE #64
GROUND ATTACKS – Jim Wagner  Page 6
JEET KUN DO – Tim Tackett,  Page 12
WENG CHUN KUNG FU – Andreas Hoffman,  Page 20
MMA RANG DO – Taejoon Lee, Page 30
LAMECO ESKRIMA – Dave Gould, Page 38
MARTIAL CINEMA – The Karate Kid, Page 44
KRAV MAGA – Imi Lichtenfeld, Page 50
KYUSHO COMPRESSION – Evan Pantazi, Page 58
MARTIAL PSYCHOLOGY – Maurice Elmalem, Page 64

Budo International Magazine 63BUDO MAGAZINE ISSUE #63
KOSHO KEMPO: With Hanshi Bruce Juchnik PDF Page 8
KYUSHO: Gock Ng Sing with Evan Pantazi PDF Page 14
NIPONTO: Japanese Sword Manufacture Process PDF Page 20
GRAND MASTERS: Taejoon Lee – Hwa Rang Do PDF Page 26
KRAV MAGA: Master Alain Cohen PDF Page 32
ED PARKER’S KENPO: Richard “Huk Planas PDF Page 36
MUAY BORAN: Arjan Marco De Cesaris PDF Page 44
HALL OF FAME: International School of Martial Arts PDF Pg 47
KARATE KATA: Karate Kata with George Bierman PDF Page 52
POLICE SELF DEFENSE: With Jose Luis Montes DF Page 60
(Read Issue #63)

Budo International Magazine 62BUDO MAGAZINE ISSUE #62
WING REVOLUTION Victor Gutierrez, Page 08
CHINESE KENPO Daniel Hayen, Page 16
TIGER & DRAGON Sifu Paolo Cangelos, Page 24
SUBMISSION GRAPLING Daniel Garcia, Page 44
KRAV MAGA Master Alain Cohen, Page 50
GUN DISARMING Sifu Vincent Lyn, Page 56
NIPPONTO Victor Salvador Herraiz, Page 62


Budo International Magazine 61BUDO MAGAZINE ISSUE #61
KAJUKENBO: Grand Master Charles Gaylord, Pg 08
REALITY BASED: Jim Wagner “Protecting Others”, Pg 16
KYOKUSHINKAI: Sihan Jesus Talan, Pg 24
KUNG FU: Master Martin Sewer Zum Kap Kuen, Pg 32
COMBAT HAPKIDO: David Rivas Combat Ground, Pg 40
OKINAWA: Furuherin – Hidden Cave in Tomari, Pg 46
WING CHUN: Yip Man, Pg 52
MUAY BORAN: GM Sane Tubtibtong, Pg 58
KRAV MAGA: Kobi Lichtenstein, Pg 60

Budo International Magazine 60BUDO MAGAZINE ISSUE #60
KOBUDO KATA: George E. Bierman PDF Page 12
MUAY BORAN “MAE MAI”: Arjan Marco De Cesaris PDF Pg 14
TANG SU DO: Interview with Master Villalba PDF Page 22
ED PARKER’S KENPO: Frank Trejo PDF Page 28
TAIJUTSU: An Itroduction PDF Page 38
KRAV MAGA: Kobi Lichtenstein PDF Page 40
SELF DEFENSE: Master Alain Cohen PDF Page 42
KYUSHO “IRON SHIRT: Kysho Jitsu Evan Pantazi PDF Page 52
KARATE: Ken Kyu Club – The First Private Dojo in History
FOCUSED MARTIAL ARTS: Jose Luis Paniagua PDF Page 64
(Read Issue #60)

Budo International Magazine 59BUDO MAGAZINE ISSUE #59
COMBAT HAPKIDO: Street Defense John Pellegrini, Pg 8
MODERN MUAY THAI: with Arjan Emilio Becker, Pg 16
NINJUTSU: Ninjutsu Iga Ryu with Juan Hombre, Pg 24
JUKAIKIDO: Police Jukaikido GM Santiago Sanchis, Pg 32
KYUSHO: Top 10 Points, Pg 44
MUAY THAI: 5th Festival in Ayuddhaya, Pg 48
MMA: Wanderlei Silva, Pg 52
GOJU-RYU: Chojun Miyagi, Pg 57
NUNCHAKU: with Master Toni Moreno, Pg 60
TOURNAMENTS: The 2009 Quebec Open, Pg 64

Budo International Magazine 58BUDO MAGAZINE ISSUE #58
Kubotan: Tak Kubota, Pg 6
Hungar Kung Fu: Martin Sewer, Pg 14
Aikido: Kazuo Nomura Sensei, Pg 24
Karate: Hidetake Nishiyama Sensei, Pg 56
Nijitsu: Sensei Juan Hombre, Pg 40
MMA: Dream Fights, Pg 50
Muay Boran: Arjan Marco De Cesaris, Pg 62


Budo International Magazine 57BUDO MAGAZINE ISSUE #57
KRAV MAGA with Yaron Lichtenstein, Page 6
FU-SHIN KENPO with Raul Gutierrez, Page 14
JIU-JITSU with Demian Maia, Page 24
BUDO HALL OF FAME in Valencia Spain, Page 28
KARATE: Max Degrees of Karate in Okinwawa/Japan, Pg 52
MULTIPLE ATTACKERS with Jim Wagner, Page 58



Budo International Magazine 56BUDO MAGAZINE ISSUE #56
S.H.O.O.T. Self Defense: Alejandro Iglesias’ Martial Art, Pg 9
KYSHO: Siu Nim Tao Kyusho – Kyusho – Wing Chung -The secret “points” within forms, Page 16
UFC: Paulao Filbo – When the Mind is the Adversary,  Pg 26
MMA: The Magician of the Scales – Andre Aurnheimer Pg 32
KARATE: Nakayama Hoitsugan Dojo, Tokyo, Page 51
JIU-JITSU: Rickson Gracie, Page 57


Budo International Magazine 55BUDO MAGAZINE ISSUE #55
KOPPOJUTSU: Guro Dave Gould Weapon Deployment, Pg 28
JIU-JITSU: Goodbye to Helio Gracie, Page 8
M.M.A.: Carina Salvo of the Argentine Federal Police Pg 60
WENG CHUN KUNG FU: Sifu Andreas Hoffmann, Page 18
KARATE: Tokyo Budokan 2008, Page 51



Budo International Magazine 54BUDO MAGAZINE ISSUE #54
HUN GAR, KUNG: Sifu Paolo Cangelosi, Page 8
FUKOPPOJUTSU: Ogawa Ryu KoppoJutsu, Page 16
WU SHU: Olympic Debut of Wushu . . . Not Exactly!, Page 28
M.M.A.: Minotauro & Wanderlei Hand To Hand, Page 30
JIU-JITSU: The Patriach REaches 95, Page 48
SELF-DEFENSE: Jim Wagner – Ultimate Knife Training, Pg 52
WADO RYU: Ohtsuka and the Evolution of Wado Ryu, Pg 58


Budo International Magazine 53BUDO MAGAZINE ISSUE #53
KRAV MAGA: Damage Control with Itay Gil, Page 9
TAI CHI: Cheng Sheng Yu – Tui Shou Tai Chi, Page 12
M.M.A.: Shogun & Wander Together Again, Page 22
SHURIKENJUTSU: Throwing the Shuriken, page 28
M.M.A.: A Way Out of Poverty in Brazil, Page 49
EWTO: Secret Forms of the Wooden Dummy, Page 58



Budo International Magazine 52BUDO MAGAZINE ISSUE #52
JACKIE CHAN: An exclusive interview, Page 14
BUGEI: NAGINATA JUTSU Shidoshi Jordan & Juliana
M.M.A.: History of Antonio Pezao, Page 16
JIU-JITSU: 100 Years of History of BJJ, Page 50
WUSHU: Olympic WuShu – Xu Huihui & David Torok, Pg 27
AIKIDO: Kisshomaru Ueshiba Interview, Page 20
IAIDO: Advanced Iaido with Sueyoshi Akeshi, Page 6


Budo International Magazine 51BUDO MAGAZINE ISSUE #51
WING CHUN: Interview Great Master Kernspechitt, Page 6
PETER URBAN: American’s 1st 10th Dan, Page 16
TAEKWONDO: Poomse 1-8, Page 18
AIKIDO: Master Akeshi – Japanese Art of Sword, Page 28
JU-JITSU: Helder Nunes, Page 51
JUDO: An Interview with Toshikazu Okada, Page 58



Budo International Magazine 50BUDO MAGAZINE ISSUE #50
Issue Highlights
TAEKWONDO VS KARATE: Understanding the two arts PDF Page 8
AIKIDO: Osaka Aikikai Kazuo Nomura PDF Page 14
NOVA SCRIMIA: Graziano Galvani on medieval empty hand PDF pg. 20
OKINAWAN KARATE DO: History of Miyazato’s Jundokan Pg. 28
MMA: American Top Team PDF Page 52
FIGHTING SECRETS: M. Elmalem on Sports Combat, Pg 58

Budo International Magazine 49BUDO MAGAZINE ISSUE #49
Issue Highlights
KUK SOOL WON: Great Master In Hyuk Suh, Pg 06
KARATE: Antonio Oliva Karate Do Coach, Pg 14
BUGEI AIKIJUJUTSU: Shidoshi Jordan, Page 20
MMA: Made in Minotauro: Rodrigo Minotauro, Page 30
S.H.O.O.T.: Alejandro Iglesias, Page 36
SWORD MASTER: Ridolfo Capoferro, Page 38
ISRAELI MA: CKM Women’s Self Defense Pg 48
MMA: MMA Without Borders – Xtreme Couture, Pg 51
S.O.G CLOSE COMBAT: Oliver Pierfederici, Page 57
SHUGENDO: Sueyoshi Akeshi, Page 62

Budo International Magazine 48BUDO MAGAZINE ISSUE #48
Issue Hightlights
TAEKWONDO: Poomsae 9-17 World TKD Federation, Page 6
JEET KUN DO: Bruce Lee’s YMCA Boxing – Tim Tackett Page 14
BUGEI: Kusarijutsu with Shidoshi Jprdan & Juliana Page 22
KARATE: Hirokazu Kanazawa; Big Names of Karate, Page 32
BJJ: The Gandhi of Jiu-Jitsu – Armando Wridt, Page 50
ARTS OF COMBAT: Conflict – Jim Wagner, Page 54
MMA: King of Japan . . . Wanderlei Silva, Page 60


Budo International Magazine 47BUDO MAGAZINE ISSUE #47
Issue Hightlights
MUGENDO: Karate and real combat with Ricardo Gress, Pg 06
BUGEI: HOJOJUTSU, The Art of restraining with a rope, Pg 12
GOJU RYU: Mr. Technique, Teruo Chinen, Pg 22
KARATE DO – Funakoshi: A video for all martial artists, Pg 42
MARTIAL CINEMA: Jackie Chan and Jet Li together!, Pg 50
JEET KUNE DO: Interview with Danny Inosanto PDF Page 54
MMA: Crisis in Chute Boxe, Silva, Dida Ninja, Shogun depart, Pg 62

Budo International Magazine 46BUDO MAGAZINE ISSUE #46
Issue Hightlights
KYUSHO: All the KO of Kyusho, Evan Pantazi, Pg 8
ARTS OF COMBAT: Combat Knife Commando J.L. Isidro, Pg 16
HALL OF FAME 2007, Page 26
UFC: Rodrigo Minotauro “Balboa”, Page 30
MUAY THAI: Marco De Cesaris Articular Luxation in Muay Boran, Page 36
KRAV MAGA: Moni Aizik’s Commando Krav Maga, Pg 40
AIKIDO: Morihei Ueshiba And the Internal Energy, Page 44
SWORD: Camillo Agrippa, The Architect of Fencing, Page 48
KARATE: Jose Manuel Egea, best competitor of all time, Page 52
VALE TUDO: Euclides Pereira, The Man Who Beat Carlson Gracie, Page 62

Budo International Magazine 45BUDO MAGAZINE ISSUE #45
MUAY THAI Arjan Marco de Cesaris,  Page 08
KNIFE DEFENSE Sifu Vincent Lyn,  Page 16
JEET KUNE DO Jim Tackett,  Page 26
MMA Rio Heroes,  Page 30
KYUSHO Evan Pantazi,  Page 40
GREAT MASTERS Hironori Otsika,  Page 44
GUSTAVO A. REQUE Nova Scrima,  Page 48
OPERATIONAL TONFA Jacques Levinet,  Page 56

Budo International Magazine 44BUDO MAGAZINE ISSUE #44
Issue Hightlights
JEAN CLAUDE VAN DAMME: Where Has He Been,Page 14
CAPTAIN ANDERSON: Anderson Silva UFC 77 and on, Page 54
K-1 WORLD MAX: Dutch Ring Senstion Andy Souwer, Page 30
MORIO HIGGAONA: New 10th Dan of Karate, Page 58
TO TE JITSU: Guichin Funakoshi’s first book, Page 36
TI-CHI YANG: Fu Sheng Yuan Interview, Page 8


Budo International Magazine 43BUDO MAGAZINE ISSUE #43
Issue Hightlights
BRUCE LEE: Don Wilson, King of “B” movies PDF Page 51
KOKKAR: Extreme CQB with Omar M. Sesto, PDF Page17
KEMPO KARATE: Freestyle Kenpo with Larry Tatum, Page 8
MMA: Gesias Cavalcante: The Fedor of Lightweights, Page 32
JIU-JITSU: Historic Keys of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Page 24
PANANTUKAN: Filipino MA with Tony Logorio, Page 60
WADO RYU KARATE: Hironori Otsuka’s Book, Page 54
HISTORY OF BUDO: Sokaku Takeda, Page 56
KURO OBI: A True Japanese Karate Movie, Page 49
(Read Issue #43)

Budo International Magazine 42BUDO MAGAZINE ISSUE #42
Issue Hightlights
SHOTOKAN KARATE-DO: Hirokazu Kanazawa’s karate, Pg 6
SANDA: KUNG FU Combat, PDF Page 12
BRUCE LEE: Han Yin Chieh, Bruce Lee’s predecessor, Pg 20
HITO-KATA SAN-NEN: Sensei Richard Kin, Page 38
MUAY THAI: Complete Hand to Hand, Page 46
JIU-JITSU: Jiu-Jitsu world champion Ronaldo Jacare, Pg 49
KARATE DO: History’s Guardian Master Tetsuhiro Hokama, Page 58

Budo International Magazine 41BUDO MAGAZINE ISSUE #41
SUN MU DO, Page 6
KAPAP, Page 12
MMA, Page 18
GO JU RYU,  Page 49


Budo International Magazine 40BUDO MAGAZINE ISSUE #40
NI-TO-ICHI Sensei Jose Luis Isidro, Page 08
AAMA Victor Belfort, Page 52
TAI CHI CHEN Pao Chui Er Lu, Page 60



Budo International Magazine 39BUDO MAGAZINE ISSUE #39
Issue Hightlights
LAMECO ESKRIMA: Guro Dave Gould, Page 44
RSDA: Gary Payne’s Realistic Self Defense Association, Pg 30
MOU SII: The Lion Dance with Sifu Paolo Cangelosi, Pg 8
MARTIAL CINEMA: With Gordon Liu, Page 52
AIKIDO: Osaka Aikikai with Kazuo Nomura, Page 16
KAPAP ACADEMY: Knowledge and Judgement, Page 24
KRAV MAGA: How to Attack Sensory System, Page 26
MUAY THAI: With Marco De Cesaris, Page 36
KYUSHO JITSU: With Evan Pantazi, Page 39

Budo International Magazine 38BUDO MAGAZINE ISSUE #38
SHAOLIN Shi De Yang, Page 08
TOQUINHO Rousimar Aparecido, Page 20
LA CANNE Bertrand Dubreuil, Page 22
S.O.G. Oliver Pierfederici, Page 26
KAPAP Mental Endurance Avi Nardia, Page 32
UFC Paulao Filho vs Anderson Silva, Page 44
CHUTE BOXE Daniel Acacio & Mauricio Shogun,
SHURI Satunuke Sakugaw, Page 52

Budo International Magazine 37BUDO MAGAZINE ISSUE #37
ED PARKER’S KENPO Huk Planas, Page 08
NOVIA SCRIMA Graziano Galvani, Page 16
BRAZILIAN TAI-BOSING Evilazio Feitoza, Page 22
K-1 Sem Schilt, PDF Page 28
VALE-TUDO, PDF Page Ricardo Arona Page 32
KAPAP: Principle of Relative Positioning, Page 36
MVA PDF Dan Henderson, Page 60