Combat and Survival Magazine

Combat and Survival Magazine

COMBAT & SURVIVAL Magazine is a monthly military magazine featuring Frontline Reports, Exercises, Expos, British Forces, US Forces, Elite Forces, Special Forces, Security, Product Reviews.

This magazine is tailored specifically for the soldier, security operator and military enthusiast reader as well a the survivalist. It is written by a small team of highly specialist photojournalists, most of whom have at least two decades of experience in their chosen field, the magazine and its associated website aim to keep the reader, be they Cadet, Regular, Reservist, Former Soldier, CPO or Civilian Enthusiast up to speed on a multitude of contemporary topics ranging from operational deployments and training maneuvers to in-depth equipment, clothing, and rations reviews plus weaponry and vehicle updates.

The latest issue of Combat & Survival is available to buy in shops including WH Smith, supermarkets and scores of independent newsagents plus Barnes & Noble in the United States. Digital Editions of this magazine are also available.

The BIDEN Gun Plan Expose

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