Consent For KidsThis is a wonderful video created by Blue Seat Studios that will help kids of all ages understand how to practice CONSENT.

“No one else is entitled to tell you what to do with your body, not their friends, not strangers, not adults you know. NO ONE is entitled to tell you what you do with your body, except YOU. That’s called bodily autonomy, by the way, and that is what CONSENT is all about.

Everyone is different. some people love to hug and some people hate hugs and each person gets to decide what they are comfortable with. Can a hug loving person just start hugging someone at random? NOPE. They need CONSENT. How do people know if they have CONSENT? They ask.

‘Would you like a hug?’

‘Yes I would.’

‘Can I hold your hand?’

‘I’d rather not.’


If a person doesn’t say yes. ‘Can I hug you?’ ‘ummm,I ahhh’. Then they haven’t given their consent. It’s really pretty simple. Ask for CONSENT and listen for the answer.

By the way, if a person bribes someone or threatens someone to say yes, that’s not CONSENT. ‘

‘Go kiss Aunt Doris goodbye.’

But the kid still gets to decide.

‘No thanks that makes me uncomfortable. I’ll just wave good bye.’

Some things kids can’t CONSENT to. They can’t enter into legal contracts. They can’t vote and they can’t CONSENT to sexual stuff because their kids. So if an adult does something that kids can’t CONSENT to, that’s not okay. The adult is wrong and it’s not the kids fault and that is when its most important to tell a trusted adult like a teacher. Why? Because its your body and no one else is entitles to tell you what to do with it. Practice CONSENT!”

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