Custom Canes By GM Mark Shuey

Special Event Hand Carved Custom Canes

The Ultimate Destination for Martial Arts

Custom Engraving on Canes by Mark Shuey
Custom Engraving on Canes

Custom CaneAre you a collector of custom hand made canes or would you like to begin collecting custom canes? Special Event Custom Canes by GM Mark Shuey of Cane Masters are  custom canes he personally makes by hand specifically for special events. Custom Canes By GM Mark Shuey are limited addition canes. He makes only 50 numbered custom canes per Martial Arts event. He has created custom canes for so many different martial arts events including Alan Goldberg’s The Ultimate Destination for Martial Arts in Atlantic City. You can pre-order Custom Canes by GM Mark Shuey and pick it up at the event ($160.00 / shipped for $160.00+ shipping). You can buy Custom Canes by GM Mark Shuey at the event ($175.00), or order Custom Canes by GM Mark Shuey while at the event ($175.00+ shipping) or order Custom Canes by GM Mark Shuey after the event ($200.00 + shipping). GM Shuey will be bringing a limited number of canes to the event for purchase.

  • Limited Edition-Only 50 Available
  • Hand Crafted By GM Mark Shuey, Sr.
  • Combat Grade American Hardwood
  • Octagon Shaft 1-1/8” Diameter
  • Dark Brown Stain
  • High Gloss Tung Oil Finish
  • Carved Grip Below Crook
  • Bird’s Head Style Horn
  • Custom Laser Engraving
  • Includes Certificate of Authenticity

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Limited Addition Custom Canes by Mark Shuey

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