GM Lawrence Day Black Dragon Fighting Society

Dr. Lawrence Day

Grandmaster Lawrence Day began his Martial Arts journey with the Black Dragon Fighting Society

USMA Hall of Fame member Grandmaster Lawrence Day began his Martial Arts journey with the Black Dragon Fighting Society under Count Dante (whose real name was Grandmaster John Keehan) in Chicago. Dr. Day is one of the original Black Dragons that studied under Grandmaster Count Dante and Grand Master Doug Dwyer and has been a Black Dragon Fighting Society member from the mid 60’s to present day. He has also studied with Grandmaster Tanaka.Doug Dwyer and Lawrence Day

“Most all teaching was done by Grandmaster Doug Dwyer, John’s best friend in the late or mid 60’s. In 1969 when John Keehan broke away from Dwyer and officially formed the Black Dragon Fighting Society, he chose as his symbol a running dragon looking back on itself to honor his “Bloodsport” Kumite fighting roots and his Black Dragon instructors, (e.g. Ka-Ju-Ken-Bo Master, Dr. Robert Rapue and Senzo Tanaka). Tanaka was going by a different name when not in the company of Japanese businessman and Japanese Black Dragon Society member, Major Takahashi, who had a black wife. Keehan’s relationship with them and his black students inspired him to not give the martial arts world of that day any respect for the way it divided people because of their skin color, like preventing Victor Moore from competing for a title.” ~ Lawrence Day

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In the 70’s and mid 80’s Dr. Day studied with Grandmaster Sin Kwang The’, Grandmaster Robert Trias, and Grandmaster Don Madden. He also studied Tai-chi and Chi-kung from Yuzee Yeh. Dr. Day was honored by being named a 37th generation Warrior Monk under Grandmaster Young Di of the Shaolin Temple.

Dr. Day continued teaching and learning Tai-chi, Chi-kung and his passion, Chi-ma, or Fa-ching Poison Hand for over 45 years until he passed away on December 20, 2012.Doug Dwyer Letter to Dr. Day