One of the things that I’ve noticed in working with my up and coming fighters is that although many of them are strong; they work out at the gym; do conditioning exercises with trainers; are also active in other sports, yet they are unable to come from a prone to a sitting position without either whipping themselves upwards or without wobbling. And, trust me, this is regardless of how ripped they are. Before we get into fixing this problem, let’s examine why this can be happening. In order to build up your core so it is as functional and strong as it may look, both the Abdominal Wall and the Spinal Erector Muscles must be developed commensurately, otherwise one set of these muscle groups will be stronger than the other and there can be no ‘muscle memory’ for them to work together. This means that there will be a lack of efficiency and cohesive strength in the core. Without a strong core, your upper body will tire more quickly. The good news is that in just 36 seconds a day you can achieve good core strength that will enable you to have better core development with absolutely no strain or pain to the lower back. The bonus is that it will also give you a very strong neck for MMA and all of it’s tight squeezes.

MMA Front Core Crescents: Lying on a sturdy but padded surface on your back, place the palms of your hands on top of your thighs. Flex your toes towards you. Pick up your head and look at your toes; pick up your legs only about 2 inches. Hold for 6 counts. Do 3 reps. Rest and take a couple of deep breaths.

MMA Reverse Core Crescents: Lying on your stomach, place your hands alongside of your thighs. Pick up just your head until you feel it against your back. Pick up your legs only about 1 inch. Hold for 6 counts. Do 3 reps. Rest.

Time Needed to Perform: 1:30 minutes
Best Time to Perform: During regular conditioning training