Instructional Video – Athlon Rub Thai Oil Massage for Muay Thai

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Kru Yai Jenypher Lanthier of York Muay Thai in Toronto, Canada demonstrates the technique she uses for Athlon Rub Thai Oil massage on her athletes. Taught to her by the renown GrandMaster, AJAHN SUCHART YODKEREPAUPRAI, Kru Jen walks you step by step on how to prepare and take care of your fighters Athlon Rub Thai Oil massage.

Jenypher Lanthier is the owner and head instructor of York Muay Thai, a traditional Muay Thai school in North York, Ontario. She has extensive competitive experience from her 15 years in the sport, winning a professional title in 2005 as well as establishing herself an an accomplished Official in multiple organizations: Muaythai Canada – Regional Director, President of Muay Thai Ontario, and Freelance Writer · 2012 to present · for The Striking Corner. She uses Athlon Rub Thai Oil massage to keep her athletes in top shape.

Participating in the video is Professional Muay Thai and KickBoxing fighter Matt Embree. Matt is currently the Muay Thai WBC & WMC Featherweight North American Champion and scheduled to fight in Glory soon.

Athlon Rub Thai Oil

Athlon Rub: A Scientifically New Approach on an Ancient Tradition

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