One of the Greatest Don “the Dragon” Wilson

Unquestionably, one of the greatest kickboxing champions of all time, Don “The Dragon” Wilson is the only kick-boxer to win 11 world titles in 3 weight divisions (light-heavyweight, super light-heavyweight, and cruiserweight) and for 6 sanctioning organizations (WKA, STAR, KICK, ISKA, PKO, AND IKF).

“The Dragon” is also one of the very few martial artists who have successfully bridged a career as a full contact champion and a movie star. His success in the ring and on the big screen has earned “The Dragon” legions of fans around the world.

His film credits include: “Bloodfist 1–VII”, “Futurekick”, “Ring of Fire”, “Black Belt”, “Out For Blood”, “Red Sun Rising”, “Cybertracker”, “Grid Runners” “Night Hunter”, Whatever It Takes”, Capital Conspiracy”, “Moving Target”, and soon to be released is The Dragon’s latest film, “Redemption.”

Don’s first step toward superstardom happened after graduating from high school when his brother introduced him to the art of kung fu. Soon afterwards Don began studying goju-Ryu under Chuck Merriman. Next “The Dragon” continued his quest for martial arts excellence by training in Pai Lum kung fu.

“I started fighting in full contact matches because in the 70’s Kung Fu stylists were considered to be great in forms but no one thought we could fight,” explains Wilson. “I wanted to prove that wasn’t true.

“The Dragon” more than proved his point and in the process became one of the greatest fighters in the history of the martial arts. As Don’s phenomenal kickboxing career began winding down; he went to Hollywood, California at the suggestion of his friend Chuck Norris.

Shortly thereafter Don did a stint on “General Hospital” where he caught the eye of legendary filmmaker Roger Corman. Eventually they would do 11 films together. The blend of Don’s boyish charm and his martial arts flash proved to be a winning combination on the big screen.

In 1999 Don came out of retirement and by round 3 he had added another KO to his already impressive record. Then he started out the millennium with and other win over Dewey Cooper at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas.

The Dragon’s career record includes 71 wins, 5 losses, 47 knockouts, and 6 kick-knockouts. With more than 14 titles to his credit Don The Dragon Wilson has proven to his fans time and time again that he is one action star that can talk-the-talk and walk-the-walk.