Palm Heel Strike & Foot Stomp Technique Explained

Ed McGraths School of Isshin Ryu

In honor of Don Nagle’s American Karate Association, Ed McGrath’s School of Isshin Ryu Karatedo and Kobudo  we would like to share our explanation of the Palm Heel Strike and Foot Stomp Technique.

As your attacker comes within your circle and is about to do you bodily harm, using a finger poke into the eye follow immediately with a foot stomp which will cause some level of disorientation of your attacker. This disorientation is caused by first striking high then striking low.  As soon as you stomp the foot immediately follow this with a number of rapid palm heel strikes to either the chin, jaw or nose being careful not to strike into the mouth thereby cutting your own hand. Breaking the bones in the foot of your attacker helps stop them from attacking you any further. They have trouble putting weight on the injured foot and the palm heel strikes have created confusion in the mind of the attacker.  You can then apply a simple joint lock or submission technique to control your attacker, or get yourself to safety.

When under attack you must have trained to react under duress. Studies have shown when under duress fine motor skills diminish and gross or simple motor skills are more likely to work.  That is why we put you through a scenario based on elevated attacker stress.  Setting benchmarks will allow you to react without thinking about what you are going to do during a time of high stress. We ask all and teach all of our students to talk your way out of any situation as best they can, however, if the attacker is bent on doing you bodily harm it is your right to protect yourself.  You must operate within the law, all states are different, so look up what is allowed in your state and adhere to the rules. It is very easy to cross the line from defender to aggressor, I am not an attorney and cannot instruct what is allowed. That will be up to you as the karateka.

Standing in a natural stance you can deliver 3 to 6  palm heel strikes while you are following your attacker, directing them where you want (your attacker) to go. Putting your body weight into every strike while not over reaching and causing yourself to become unbalanced you will cause the attackers head to go backwards, striking to different target points high and low will cause the attacker to become disorientated.

We recommend that you stay within yourself and keep following your attacker with as many palm heel strikes as needed until you can apply a joint lock and control your attacker, or get yourself to safety. It is also recommended that you  practice these sets of techniques with the following in mind.

1)     Ippon Kumite, where the attacker throws real intention strikes at you so you can raise your awareness / stress level.  Ippon Kumite will help you practice and become proficient.

2)     Pick up the pace as you become more familiar and confident.

3)     Make sure that your Ippon Kumite partner reacts as if it were real strikes you are throwing. This takes a lot of practice.

4)     Administer an eye poke to cause the attackers head to go backwards.

5)     Gain control and apply a joint lock of your choice to control the attacker.

Once you have had several practice sessions you will have a lot of questions, so I also recommend that you ask those questions and get all your answers so that you fully understand the following: Also, try this in your live Jiyu Kumite practice sessions and see how it works in a live fighting situation. Remember not to be over-zealous it could get you in trouble.

1)     Balance is key, do not over reach

2)     Set up palm heel strikes

3)     Set up foot stomps

4)     Set up joint lock for control

5)     Following your attacker

6)     How many palm heel strikes –vs- how many foot stomps

7)     What type of joint lock or submission technique will you use

8)     How to prepare for the rise of stress in your defense

9)     Stay calm

10)  Stay focused

11)  Be prepared

Please remember to practice safe, be aware of your surroundings, be alert, stay focused, do not get over zealous with your defense or you will get into trouble. You must act responsible and just do what is required to protect yourself, detain and control your attacker until help comes or you can call the authorities. If at all possible go to safety, create a situation where you call attention to someone and hopefully they will call the authorities to assist you in your defense.

Ed McGrath's School Of Isshin Ryu Karatedo And Kobudo on the Martial Arts Schools and Businesses Directory.
Ed McGrath’s School Of Isshin Ryu Karatedo And Kobudo on the Martial Arts Schools and Businesses Directory.

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