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Daniel Vena is Chief Instructor at Ed Mc Grath's School of Isshin Ryu in Wake Forest, North Carolina. Daniel inherited Ed McGrath’s School of Isshinryu in December 2014 and is currently ranked a a Ju Dan Hanshi Go. He was inducted into Don Nagle’s AOKA Hall of Fame in September 2000.

Daniel Vena Isshinryu Karatedo

Daniel Vena was born Daniel James Vena on April 11, 1959. He began training in Isshinryu Karatedo in 1972 under the direction of Ed McGrath...

Gregory Melita Interview

It isn't often that I receive an email from a Sensei who wants to let me know how proud he is of his student....

Palm Heel Strike & Foot Stomp Technique Explained

In honor of Don Nagle's American Karate Association, Ed McGrath's School of Isshin Ryu Karatedo and Kobudo  we would like to share our explanation...