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Osias Banaag
Osias Banaag holds the title of Hari or King in the martial art of Sikaran. He brought the sport of Sikaran to the United States. He was the Philippine representative of Sikaran at the World Martial Arts Convention in Washington, DC in 1997. He began the Global Sikaran Federation and Sikaran Arnis Academy.

Harpeet S Arora Promotes Philippines Traditional Martial Arts for UNESCO Games

Harpeet S. Arora has been appointed the Joint Secretary of the Global Sikaran Federation (GSF) at a meeting held in Los Angeles, California. The...

Rebirth of the Ancient Sport of Sikaran

FILIPINOS, before the arrival of the Spaniards, had their own sports. Notable among these were, Patintero (no word in English) Tago Taguan (hide and...

Hari Osias Banaag and The King’s Dream

By Neslyn P. Viernes - The title of Hari was conferred upon Osias Banaag at a young age by Francisco Torres, one of the...

The Origin of Sikaran

Sikaran is a contact sport, game, contest or tournament that uses both hands and feet to parry an attack by an opponent, normally a...