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Harry Greene
Master Harry Greene teaches Combative Knife in a 2.5 second system and his system is used in the Marine Corps McMap system of Combative Knife. Master Greene is a teacher on base. Now in his mid 70’s, Master Instructor Greene continues to teach students his One on One Filipino Martial Arts in Sacramento, California, where he lives.

Combative Knife Fighting Truths

There are 12 brutal truths when it comes to combative knife fighting. Knife fighting is a serious topic and should never be taken lightly!...

Bridge the Gap Between Traditional Serrada Escrima and Combative Knife

Mata Sa Bagyo's GM Carltio Bonjoc and One On One FMA's GM Harry Greene, are teaming up to bridge the gap between traditional Serrada Escrima...

Harry Greene: Filipino Martial Arts

Master Instructor Harry Greene entered the U.S. Army in March 1962 and did 14 weeks of basic training at Fort Ord, California. After graduation...