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The Lady and the Samurai is swordplay at its finest! For thousands of years, humanity has used the sword to do battle, the sword in history attaining unparalleled heights and has been a way of life for cultures around the globe, such as the Samurai of Japan. The gallant sword, the symbolic apex weapon of Divinity itself, has been the instrument of ridding the world of evil and its woes. From Arthur’s Excalibur to Alexander’s sword that cut the Gordian knot, swords have been the backdrop for the mightiest tales known to myth and history. It is the implement of reckoning, of quelling the forces of darkness whenever needs be.

Now comes The Lady and the Samurai. In this dramatic tale of passion, lightning fast fencing cultures East and West collide amidst the background of the noblest sporting display of all–the world Olympics! Share the agony of the disturbed young and beautiful fencing prodigy Christina Brickley as she battles to overcome her inner demons and outwit her implacable arch-fencing nemesis Felipe LaForche, team Captain and killer in the darkest arts of manipulation. In a do-or-die effort, hero Christina and the villainous LaForche lock blades in the sweltering cauldrons of their furious obsessions striving against each other in mental bladeholds as they seek to gain the glory of being an Olympian, the undisputed master of the fencing world!

Played out before modern Roman Coliseum mobs, they manifest their hidden intents through their wind-shearing cutlasses using blurring duels that nightmarishly filet mind, flesh and blade, far beyond the norm of ordinary tournament fencing as they compete for the position that will propel them to become the “top blade” of the fencing world.

Upon the brink of self-destruction, Christina then meets Thomas Nō Kannon, a young modern Samurai, who instills within her not the why or how of the blade, but the very heart of the sword–the soul of the Samurai. As she trains under his stern tutelage, Christina is renovated from a lowly sword-renegade to a consummate artiste of the elite sword of mercy. The education that Thomas imparts to Christina sets the stage for one last struggle of raging conflict between the two titans as to who will successfully come out on top or fall to the wayside–skewered by the hand of their unforgiving rival to be heard of no more. Traversing the grueling tournament scene packed with ghoulish throngs theirs is a silent struggle of epic proportions in which only one can succeed the conquered only to taste the bitter tang of stinging defeat at the hands of their most accomplished, implacable adversary.

Taken from studies of classical Western Fencing and those of the Far East, LS comes to grips with two ancient blade cultures culminating in terrific action-packed sequences. Centuries ago, the firearm took precedence in the West over that of the blade, forcing the superb dueling art to become a sporting event fit for the gentility, ripped from the very pinnacle of knightly gallantry from whence it was wrought. The once honorable blade, representing high chivalry, became a mere fashion statement replaced by the cane. In the East, the Samurai kept their “sword-souls” under lock and key, untarnished by the ravages of progress. In this surging, dynamic volume, both fencing cultures meet head on, as passions erupt and differing worldviews forcefully collide. Interposing the two cultures of steel as renowned icons of their respective spheres, LS probes into the very heart of the human soul. LS abounds with powerful oppositions, where body, mind, spirit and soul are sheared and then re-spliced into a gripping tale of exceptional sensual realizations and towering spiritual reckonings. LS boldly tells of heroes and villains, of damnation and redemption.For those who like fast-paced action, LS is a powerful read. In this crucible of conflict, titanic battles of the will slam together, contesting the right for personal freedom and the soul of humankind.

About the Author
On the word-fencer: Douglas M. Laurent, M.A., English, B.A., Film, is a graduate of Northeastern Illinois University and Columbia College, Chicago. A martial artist of 40 years, according to Eastern and Western fencing traditions, Laurent combines both worlds. Allusions to famous fencers, literature, history, myth and art thrust the piece forward, offering readers glimpses into their own iron heritages and the legendary mores of cold steel. An ardent tale of passions sensual and of the world of the spirit, The Lady and the Samurai boldly tells of heroes and villains, fame and obscurity, life and death, damnation and redemption, culminating in a formidable high-voltage distillation of the workings of good and evil. For those who like fast-paced action, LS is a powerful read. Wrought in the exacting motions of blade and spirit, LS, a stormy, mind-wracking compelling narrative, will fire and try readers as truth reveals itself as the masks of evil are torn away and destroyed. In this surging, heart-scalding crucible of serrating conflict, where spirit, soul and the sheen of the naked blade meet, titanic battles of the will slam together, contesting the right for personal freedom against the forces of evil and tyranny.

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