On the rise around the world as a form of exercise as well as mental training, close to 8 million Americans are involved in some form of martial arts training. While martial arts is a wide category containing a variety of different forms that all have their own beneficial aspects, the art itself is a positive way to train your mind, body and soul, even if you’re trying to heal from an injury. Unlike other sports that might cause you to go on hiatus when you’re injured, martial arts can actually help you heal if done correctly.

How to Train While Injured

You’ll want to select a style that can accommodate your recovery journey and cut back on the intensity of your normal workouts as your body is actually already working hard to heal your injury. Instead of focusing on the purely physical aspects of martial arts, you can focus on styles and techniques that are centered more on breathing techniques and meditative practices. Deep breathing will help you oxygenate your body and center your mind to reduce stress and help it heal itself. In meditation, you are taught to be attentive to your surroundings as well as your sensations. The alertness that allows you to experience a sense of calm and feelings of mental control are similar to the ones experienced in Jiu-Jitsu, making it great for training while injured. If you decide to stick with your regular workout routines, you should listen to your doctor’s advice and allow your body to adjust to the new workouts while focusing on building strength in other areas that aren’t injured.

Naturally Heal Your Injury

Participating in martial arts isn’t purely about physical exercise. The principles behind the art are what drives the practice and weave spiritual knowledge in and out of the training. Shaolin monks and Samurai warriors have used healing herbs for centuries to rapidly recover from injuries experienced during battle or training. If you are injured, you can try applying a topical treatment called Dit Da Jow to help quickly heal bruises, muscles, bone fractures and much more. You might also want to check into the healing benefits of practicing Qi Gong as it involves meditation and controlled breathing as well as slow, repeated movement exercises that can naturally help strengthen and heal injured muscles and bones.

Feeling Empowered to Train and Heal

Martial arts is all about balance, both mentally and physically. While training, you must allow yourself to listen to your own body and learn the balance between physical strength as well as emotional strength. Effectively training your mind, body and soul with martial arts is a great way to strengthen your whole being and prevent injury. However, in the instance that you do find yourself injured, you can still participate in martial arts in order to quickly heal your body and strengthen other areas of your body that are just as important.