Throughout my martial arts career I’ve been asked many times, “What is the best fighting art to take?” My reply is, “A punch is a punch and a kick is a kick. It’s all about the individual who applies it. All martial arts have something special to offer.”

As I turn 60, this year of the Dog, 2018, I reflect on the 52 years that I’ve been involved in martial arts. I look back to my childhood, when I was about eight, and there’s not a great amount of memories that I chose to remember.

Although, what I do clearly remember is the miserable days when I had become sick with colds and flu. The reason why those awful memories stuck in my mind is because my mom would boil these awful herbs from San Francisco’s Chinatown for hours, and then have me drink the herbal tea to help fight off my cold.

I remember, I always had to have a chaser to wash down the terribly bitter taste of the dry, dark, potent teas. As I recall, after drinking this terribly bitter concoction, I was never sick for very long. As I grew up, I would have a better understanding of why I was never sick for long.

As I continued throughout the years with my training, various injuries would occur, whether I twisted my ankle, sprang my wrist, bruised my shins, or burst open my knuckles, injuries of all sorts. My dad would bring out the old bottle of Dit Dow Jow, (A Chinese herbal liniment handed down from hundreds of years), and rub it deep into my injuries.

Other times, my mom would take a Chinese coin with vegetable oil and began scraping my skin with the coin until it turned blood red. All I could do was go along with it no matter how much it hurt. White Flower Oil would be used to rub on my temples and upper lip and I was barely able to keep my eyes open from intense effects which were similar to Vick’s Vapor Rub. There were remedies of all sorts. As I matured in life, and in martial arts, I realized the necessity of self-healing; and that is what I will share with you here.

Decades ago, Great Grandmaster Al Novak, once told me, “A well-rounded martial artist is one who can cause serious damage to his opponent and then heal them from their injuries at the same time.” For those of you who knew GGM Novak, you know that he was at every major tournament in California. Mr. Novak’s comment left an impression on me that would influence my way of thinking for the rest of my life.

It began to make sense, those bitter tasting herbs had a purpose. I began researching my ancestry, and herbal formulas that would help redefine my decades of martial arts training, while finding ways to heal myself and detoxify my body. What I found amazed me and I dove deeper into the ways of the healing arts.

Spiritual Attitude
Mind, body, spirit, and soul – we have all heard of the term, “You are what you eat.” This term also extends to who you are as an individual. You are who you surround yourself with. You are who you are influenced by. If you think positive and project positive energy, then, in most cases, you will have positive things in your life.

Although, in some cases, when one person puts out as much positive energy as possible, negative energy still seems to come knocking at the door. One must recognize this negative energy and make changes to transform the negative energy in order to receive good energy.

This attitude can be used in all aspects of life, both internally or externally. Internally, for self-healing, and externally, when dealing with anything, or anyone, outside of your self being. If you choose to hang out with thugs, you eventually become a thug. If you hang with drug addicts, you’re influenced in certain ways that may become harmful to you because of that relationship. If you’re driving a car, and your buddies just happen to go in a store and rob it, and you drive off, what happens if you get pulled over by the police? I’m sure you’d all agree that the driver is going to join his buddies in jail for being an accomplice.

So in life, if you do positive things and stay positive, then you are positive. God forbid a doctor informs you that you have cancer. If you’re convinced that you were just given a death sentence, most folks would go into a depression, and not long after, the body will slowly start to shut down.

Death begins to eat at your mental attitude. I’ve seen this happen many, many times; although, I’ve also seen the positive aspect of some very strong willed individuals that literally healed themselves because they refused to be beaten by such a disease.

This is where your body, mind, spirit, and soul comes into effect from having a positive attitude, working together as one entity with a completely positive effect. Find a solution and don’t become the problem. I will discuss this throughout this chapter.

Understanding Your Body
We all have taken our bodies for granted at one point in time in our lives, some of us even on a daily basis. A very good friend of mine, Dr. Colin Dong, (God rest his soul), created a cure for arthritis through diet. He said to me, one day as I followed his regiment on one of his bestselling cookbooks, “Why are you following recipes in my cook book?”

I must have been in my late twenties early thirties at the time. He laughed at me and continued, “You’re young, eat what you want and enjoy your life, but this I will say to you, when you begin to reach your mid 40’s, you better seriously consider changing your diet.”

Wow, this has stuck in my mind to this day. In the 1950’s, one out of seven people in the U.S. was dealing with cancer. Today, one out of two people will be dealing with cancer during their lifetime. What does this tell us? Are we listening to our body? Do you know your body? How well do you think you know your body?

What are the signs that your body is trying to communicate to you? We are all guilty of taking our health for granted, up until something bad goes wrong and the coin is flipped. At that time, there 50/50 chance as to whether or not everything is going to work out or not.
So, why allow the coin to be flipped. This is where we can all stand up and be proactive. Listen to your body, in fact, learn what makes your body feel good. Remember, we are what we eat and most everything we eat is contaminated. Go back to the basics and minimize your food intake.

I always tell people, if you eat to where you are overly stuffed, you will gain weight, if you eat to where you are satisfied, you will maintain what you have, and if you eat to where you are still hungry, yet satisfied, you will eventually begin to lose weight. Understand and know your body. Don’t wait for the worst to happen, be several steps ahead of life. Get a check up on a regular basis.

Pinpointing the Issues
Our body speaks to us in multiple ways. If you train hard and find that you pull a muscle to where the pain is nearly unbearable, what caused the problem? Did you not warm up properly? Did you not stretch well enough? Or were you not completely focused on what you were about to attempt and was not aligned properly?

Recently, a very dear friend passed away from a heart attack. We all know heart attacks are caused by many issues, high cholesterol that causes blockage in the arteries and which can cause a weak heart. This can possibly reflect years of a bad diet. Well, my friend passed away from a heart attack, not because his arteries were clogged, but because his kidneys had failed. So, the question is, why did his kidneys fail? He was a diabetic and failed to take the needed medication. This all goes back to diet and what we consume. Stay on top of your body, know it so well that you can pinpoint the issues and immediately address the issues before it gets the best of you.

Two years ago, I was given a wakeup call and was told I was borderline diabetic and had high blood pressure. My initial response was, “Are you serious!” As fit as I thought I was, how can this be? I took action and cured myself of high blood pressure, and my border line diabetes is now normal. All done with without any medications. I’m sure, had I continued on the path I was on, I’d be taking multiple medications as I speak.

But I immediately began to research my diet and realized I was taking in too many carbs. So, I changed my diet and began cutting out white rice and replaced it with brown. I cut out my bread, pasta, and noodles, and added more protein and complex carbs such as green vegetables, in my diet.

I cut out all sugar filled drinks and cut down on my cafe mochas. I started doing meal preps and ate more proportioned meals throughout the day. One of my favorites is a turkey breast patty over a bed of steam spinach with garlic and topped with salsa. Within a matter of only 2-3 months, I was normal again and feeling great, not to mention, I dropped an additional 12 pounds without even trying!

I like to jumpstart my body in the morning by drinking one to two glasses of warm water. During my meals, instead of drinking a cold liquid, I drink hot tea. If you ever have traveled to Asia, you’ll notice, at every meal, hot tea is served. Think of our system as that of a sink. What happens when you pour grease down the sink followed by cold water? We know the outcome because I’m sure some of you had to deal with clogged sinks. Although, if you pour grease down the sink followed by hot water, the grease will emulsify and find its way down the drainage pipe.

I did some research in China, looking back at some of my ancestry, and found a province where the average lifespan was 100 years, with little to no health issues. In researching their diets, I found that it consisted mainly of fresh fish, vegetables, and rice. How could you go wrong with this lifestyle!

Find the solution that works for you before you become dependent on medications. If you’re already on meds, then be very aware of your diet and work towards a healthier lifestyle. Eat clean! Get on to a training regiment, join a local gym or martial arts school. If there’s a will, there is a way. Don’t wait for the worst to come; take the proper steps to a healthy lifestyle today. God forbid losing a foot or leg or staying on dialysis for the rest of your life.

Some of the Solutions to Self-Healing

The Cure for Arthritis
Arthritis effects tens of millions of individuals on a daily basis. Is there a cure or do we get on meds that only temporarily help alleviate the pain. Arthritis is a toxic residual that lingers within our body due to all the contaminants that we introduce throughout our lifespan. Tired of the meds that only put a band aid on what the real issues are?
Well, here’s a solution to cure the pain and rid yourself of this nasty toxin. It entails a change of diet and may be considered drastic to some, but what’s so wrong about good healthy eating? As a martial artist, we never want to limit our performance due to the suffering of arthritis.

What does eating clean mean? It means, when you shop for your groceries, you need to put back anything that has preservatives, artificial flavoring, or colorings. Anything that you can’t understand when you read the ingredients means you

shouldn’t be putting it in your mouth. Next, cut out all fruits except for avocado. Yes, it’s considered a fruit. Eat all veggies except for tomatoes, and depending on how severe your arthritis is, you should also cut out asparagus. Cut out all your red meats and stick to poultry and seafood. Organic chicken is the best. And cut out farm raised fish.

Here is a meal prep you can do for the day. In the evening, take a whole chicken and boil it until it’s fully cooked, save the broth. Steam your rice and veggies of your choice, the greener the better, and make sure they are organic. If you are diabetic, use brown rice. In the morning prior to your daily routine, boil two cups of the chicken broth.

Warm up your chicken breast and veggies. Chop up some chives, garlic with pepper to your liking, or any other types of herbs that you like. Place the hot soup broth in a blender with a cup or two of rice, your chicken (sliced in chunks), veggies, and chopped herbs. Cover and pulse 2-3 times quickly. Do not purée; the objective is not to drink the concoction, but rather to slightly mix as this will be your meal to eat throughout the day.

Place in a decent size thermos and have with you for lunch and snack. For your evening meal, prepare your dinner accordingly as you normally would and make sure you’re sticking to the rule and eating clean. Thousands of individual around the world have cured themselves of arthritis based on this diet. Search out a bestselling book entitled, New Hope for the Arthritic, by Doctor Colin Dong.

Complete Body Detoxification
There are many formulations of detox programs. One that I have been using for the past 15 years is the Master Cleanser, it’s also called the Lemon Juice Diet. It’s a very deep detox that last for 10 days. I do this detox three times a year for 10 days, and I have even done it for up to 23 days. I call it the inflammation killer. I have seen others I’ve shared this detox with, lose anywhere from 8-40 pounds in 10 days; and some have been cured some very specific pains, arthritis, chronic cough, migraine headaches, and more. Buy yourself a Nutra Ninja and start juicing greens with various fruits. If you’re already one who has joined the diabetic regiment, then stick to the greens for the most part and eliminate some of the fruits and carbs, pasta, bread, white rice, etc.

I have been training in iron fist since the early 80’s and I’ve been told that my hands would be filled with arthritis from all the years of pounding. Well, at 60 years old, I continue to pound on metal, rocks and wood. This is all due to my detoxification regiment to rid myself of these toxins and using Dit Dow Jow. I continue to punch and kick as though I was in my 20’s.

You must fast for ten days for it to work deeply and effectively. If you’re only trying to eliminate a chronic cough, then you can do the fast for half the time, depending on how severe your cough is. You may experience a headache within the second or third day. Don’t be alarmed, as this will go away. Also, you can mix a half-gallon at a time by using half the formula. You can also refer to the booklet, Master Cleanser: The Lemon Juice Diet, for more details.

The Master Cleanser Formula

  1. Fresh squeezed lemon juice: (Organic is the best for you, but not necessary) 2 cups fresh squeezed lemon juice per gallon of spring or filtered water.
  2. Organic grade “B” maple syrup (you can get this at any natural food store). Mix in 24 tablespoons of maple syrup per gallon of water.
  3. Cayenne pepper (You can get at most any store.) 1 teaspoon of cayenne pepper per gallon of water. Drink this throughout the entire day as your breakfast, lunch, dinner, and in-between snacks. If you feel weak, drink. If you feel light headed, drink. If you
    feel hungry, drink.

Morning or Night Intestine and Colon Wash

  1. Sea Salt (you can get at most grocery stores or health store) Use 2 teaspoons of sea salt per quart of fresh water. Dissolve the salt and drink. This should equal approximately two tall glasses. Make sure you are near a restroom for the next hour or two. Your body will start to flush. If this is too much to handle for 10 days, then alternate with the following dieters tea.
  2. Laci’s Dieter Tea (you can get at Rite Aid): This is tea you can drink every night in preparation for the morning flush or alternate every other day with the sea salt flush. This will force a bowel movement and may cause a little cramping Because you are not eating, your body will not have a bowel movement. This is why you must force a bowel movements to cleanse the toxins from the intestines and colon.
  3. You can drink as much water as you like throughout the day, as well as pure green tea hot or cold. Once you have reached the end of the 10 days and feel great, if you want to continue, you can do this for up to 40 days, my wife and I have done 23 days ourselves and could have easily done 30 days.
  4. Please remember, the longer you fast, the longer you need to take while transitioning back to solid foods!

Slowly Transition back to Solid Food

On the 11th day you can start to drink organic orange juice. You can also continue to drink the lemon juice mix or even mix the two together. On the 12th and 13th days, continue the orange juice and begin a juicing program with vegetables and fruit or you can do a vegetable soup broth.

Then you can start with oatmeal in the morning; it is good with almond milk. Stay away from dairy, I would suggest dairy be left out of your diet completely.

On the 14th day, you can go back to eating your regular meals. Keep the portions small. Your stomach shrinks after no food for 10 days. You can have 4-5 small (protein & carb combo’s) meals a day if you were overweight and want to keep the weight off. Cut out the fatty, greasy foods, and cut back the heavy carbs.

I would avoid red meat for a while, especially if you’re trying to get your stomach and intestines back into shape. These foods are very difficult to digest and take a long time. Red meat should eventually be minimized in your diet later in life. Eat clean and healthy!
I am also including a formula for Dit Dow Jow to be used for EXTERNAL PURPOSES ONLY. It is used for healing bruises, sprains, joints, iron hand, and iron fist training. Use as recommended by rubbing on effected area. DO NOT use on open wounds and DO NOT INGEST.

It is written in Chinese, so the Chinese herbalist can accurately fill the order. Once the herbs have been acquired, you will need a large GLASS container, (not plastic), that can hold upwards to 3-5 Gallons. Purchase two gallons of cooking rice liquor and three bottles of 98% rubbing alcohol. Pour the rice liquor and rubbing alcohol into glass container. Stir, mix, and allow to soak in a cool place for a minimum of one year.

Dit Dot Jow

Dit Dot Jow
Dit Dot Jow Recipe

How effective is your body releasing waste. Have you had your colonoscopy done lately? Last year I had a colonoscopy done and the doctor said to me, “I don’t need to see you for another ten years.” This was strange because at my age, you are supposed to have a colonoscopy every five years.

What does this tell me? I’ve been using psyllium fiber (Metamucil), for the past 30 years, not because I have issues with bowel movements, but because psyllium coagulates the waste in the colon and gets everything out, leaving no toxic residue lingering on the side walls of the intestines. Therefore, my next visit for my colonoscopy will be when I turn 70. I utilize one to two servings a day, one in the morning and one at night. It comes in capsules as well if you prefer that instead of drinking it.

Making Changes and Preventative Measures
Sometimes making changes in your life is as difficult as a person trying to quit smoking after 59 years or a crack addict trying to kick the habit. In either case, it’s a life changing challenge and a commitment to a healthier lifestyle. I’ve always imagined what a martial artist should look like. When I saw my first Bruce Lee movie, I was immediately convinced that the ultimate image of a martial artist was that of Bruce Lee.

So for 42 years of my life, I dedicated my training to build my physique to match and surpass Bruce Lee’s physique. (Not to say that all martial artist need to look like Bruce, this was only my own personal thoughts.) I’ve heard many negative comments throughout the years about martial artists who were overweight. It is not the weight that dictates the individual’s capabilities as a martial artist, though it does set the stage for potential health issues that can shorten one’s lifespan.

How many people do we know that have left us way too soon? I have lost count. Change can happen at any given moment and time. It’s the will that motivates and stimulates the mind to act upon just about anything we set our mind to. This is the gift we have all been blessed with.

Do YOU need to make Necessary Changes?
My colleague, Dr. Ba, has been developing herbal formulas for decades to help the body fight off cancer, with promising results. One year I was able to assist my friend’s wife, who was diagnosed with ovarian cancer.

The herbal formula assisted her in the chemo treatment and she did not get sick, lose her hair, lose her appetite, and her white blood count did not drop while on chemo. In addition, miraculously, her cancer was gone. She was advised to have her ovaries removed, and because she was later in her years, she agreed. For nearly two years, she has been cancer free until recently when the cancer returned.

What does this tell us? When a person has been diagnosed with cancer, and is treated and survives the chemo regiment, these folks need to understand that you cannot go back to the same lifestyle that you have been living your entire life. This is why I teach about making lifelong changes in your life.

It has been proven that cancer cells cannot survive in an alkaline, balanced body, but will flourish in an acidic body. Do your research on how to balance your body and make it more alkaline. I use an ionizer at home to alkaline my drinking water to 9.8 alkalinity. Take preventative measures, seek out a nutritionist, and make the changes that will allow you to be proactive in living a long, healthy lifestyle. Make that change!

As martial artists, we are here to set examples for all who will listen, to be respectful, humble, courteous, teach all aspects of the art, learn to heal what is broken, be preventative, live the way of the Budo, and to focus on self-improvement. In closing, your health is your health, it’s all about the individual that applies themselves to live a long, healthy life. All cultures have something special to offer for a healthy lifestyle. 🙏

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