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Dane Harden
Colonel Dane Harden holds numerous Black belt ratings and instructor certifications in Tae kwon do, Yoshinkan Aikido, and Goshindo sword. Sensei Harden owns and operates Western Masters Martial Arts, Inc. with locations in Maryland, Virginia, and West Virginia. He is also a medical professional and an Army Veteran with numerous combat deployments.

Wounded Warrior Expo 2012 – The Broken Sword

The old bokken had many battle scars and was darkened from heavy use and sweat. The student who owned the now broken sword looked...

Dojo Medicine: Stress

In our lives we often have little or no time to ever relax. When was the last time you sat down and simply thought...

Dane Harden: Yoshinkan Aikido

Master Dane S. Harden formed his nearly life-long affiliation with the martial arts when he began studying Aikido in 1969 at the age of...