Shihan Bill Holman has been training in martial arts since 1971. During the following decades, Mr. Holman has earned the titles Master, Renshi, and Shihan, with a 5th Dan in Bushido Kempo, 1st Dan in Kenpo, and 1st Black Sash in Jeet Kune Do, but he would tell you his greatest accomplishment was the lives he affected as an instructor and owner at Wagoner Martial Arts and Fitness Center.

He continues to teach as a senior staff instructor for Self-Defense Systems at semi-monthly, weekend martial arts camps. He continues to train a few students at his home and where he works, with a focus on real-world self-defense, and character development.

(Disclaimer: These treatments are in no way intended to be an alternative to medical treatment when warranted and available. This is simply information about the experiences that I have personally had.)

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