Bob Gomez: Kajukenbo

Bob Gomez: KajukenboBob Gomez was born in Taiwan in 1963. He and his family relocated to the United States at the age of two. Bob’s dad enrolled him into a local martial arts school after seeing Enter the Dragon (1973) at the age of 10. Bob began training in 1973 at Gaylord’s Kenpo/Karate in Fremont, California. His instructors were Senior Grandmaster Bill Gifford and Grandmaster Greg Lagera (current ranks). Bob Gomez studied at Gaylord’s for about a year, until his mother complained about the bruising, and it became difficult for his family to pay the school dues. The city eventually condemned the building and Gaylord’s martial arts school closed.

Bob Gomez continued training with his friends in garages, backyards, and public parks. Kajukenbo calls that “old school,” and “going back to the roots.” In 1978, after discovering that Great Grand Master Charles Gaylord (current rank) had re-opened his school, Bob began training at Gaylord’s Fremont Dragons in Fremont, California with Senior Grandmaster Pete Morales, Grandmaster Bill Sills and Senior Gtandmaster Bill Gifford (current ranks).

After six months Bob returned to garage sessions, again, because his parents couldn’t afford dues. He signed up for Tae Kwon Do at Ohlone College in Fremont, California, as an accelerated high school student and studied with Master Connie Miller.

After two years and achieving the rank of green belt, the Tae Kwon Do classes were discontinued because of curriculum cuts. During this time Bob never stopped working out in garage sessions with his friends, and now returned to those full time.

In 1988 Bob Gomez was invited to observe Golden Dragon School of Karate in Newark, California. He was introduced to Senior Grandmaster Pete Morales (current rank) and by the end of that evening, Bob signed up to be a Golden Dragon. He never left and studied with Senior Grandmaster Pete Morales, Grandmaster Bill Sills, Grandmaster Brian Yoshi, Professor Mark Davis, Grandmaster Casey McPartland (current ranks).

Bob Gomez received his Student Black Belt in 1991, his 1st degree Black Belt in May 1992 and received his Golden Dragon School of Karate Instructors certificate and 2nd degree Black Belt in December 1993.

When Golden Dragon School of Karate closed in 1999, Sigung James Marshall and Bob Gomez began teaching private sessions, visiting other dojos, and learning and sharing techniques.

Bob Gomez received 3rd degree Black Belt in August 2003 and his Kajukenbo Association of America instructors certificate.

In 2007 Hayes Martial Arts opened in Newark, California. Bob Gomez began teaching there in 2008 and was awarded the Head Instructor position in 2009. He received his 4th (Sifu) degree Black Belt in December 2009.

Bob left Hayes Martial Arts to teach private lessons in 2010.

He received his 6th degree (Sigung) Black Belt on September 2015 and his 8th degree (Professor) Black Belt on March, 12, 2017.

Bob Gomez is currently the owner and operator of Island Style Kajukenbo, in Fremont, California.

Kajukenbo Association of America lifetime member
Golden Dragon Ohana lifetime member
Marketing and membership officer for Golden Dragon Ohana
USA Martial Arts Hall of Fame Member 2013 and 2014
Intercontinental Martial arts Hall of Fame 2013
Masters Hall of Fame member 2014
Elite Black Belt Hall of Fame 2017
Member of M.A.A.R.A – Martial Arts Animal Rights Alliance 2014
Action Martial Arts Magazine Hall of Honors member 2015
Lifetime member of the Martial Arts Alliance
Appeared in 3 issues of Martial Science Magazine (Amazon)
Appeared in The International Directory of Martial Arts Instructors 2014 (Amazon)
Silvercreek Security Academy Graduate 2012
Koa (Kajukenbo Ohana Association Member) 2015
Ohana 8 member 2015

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