Writing to you straight off the mat every week is wonderful. Each week, my fighters come in with a new problem for me to solve, which always gives me a fresh angle to write about. One of the problems with protecting the Rotator Cuff is that it is nearly impossible to strengthen it by normal means of strength training or range of motion exercise. Most of these are good for external strength or reach, but not many will allow access to the deep supportive tissue and ligaments around this area. Fortunately, there is one technique that I have personally used to mend my own troublesome shoulders, both of which, these days, are magnificent. Here’s what you can start to do right now to help heal the inner shoulder or prevent injuries by building them up from the inside out: The Rotator Cuff Squeeze: With bare arms, relaxed and down at your sides, take your right hand and grab your left arm, tightly on the soft tissue just under your left shoulder cap and inside your left arm. By squeezing this area firmly, you expose the tissues, muscles and ligature in the Rotator Cuff, making them ready for the next part of the technique. Now make a fist with your left hand and squeeze your left elbow into your ribs as if squeezing a tennis ball, until you feel the tension build up inside the shoulder. Don’t hold the position for more than a second because you’re going to do 15 reps. of this. (If you feel anything more than warmth or normal muscle response coming into the area, stop. Only do as many as many as you can without pain.) Repeat on the right side. Relax arms. If your shoulders are in pretty healthy condition, I would do this only 1 time per week as part of a preventative program. If your shoulders are showing signs of stress, I would perform this 2 times per week or 3 times per week. Remember to check with your Dr. if you are under any therapy pre- or post regarding your shoulders.

Time Needed to Perform: 30 seconds to 1 minute.
Best Time To Perform: Right after a hot shower or bath, while shoulders are arm and hydrated.