Pressure Points are only the size of a pen nib ~ How can you hit them for real?

The point itself is only that size, however the area of activation is about the size of your fist! There are 360+ places on the body to hit as well! Just imagine now 360 fist size dots on your body ~ do you think you could hit one in a fight? In fact it is almost impossible not to hit one!

Do I have to hit them in a specific order?

Absolutely NOT!

Are there one strike Knockouts?

Yes, many are detailed in this Course and in my videos “Pressure Point K.O’s Made Easy 1 & 2”

Do I need to know Kata to learn this?


How long does the effect last when I hit a point?

This obviously depends on how “well” it was struck ~ but as a rough guideline, the systemic effect on the body lasts for approximately 20 minutes on a decreasing scale. The lighter the touch ~ the quicker the cycles return to normal.

Are their dangers involved?

There are dangers in all Martial Arts. However, we would not take even a 0.1% chance on injuring anyone at a seminar or in training. If you have any medical problems or are on any drugs ~ you should seek medical advice before training.

I’ve been studying now for quite a while ~ I know where many points are ~ but I can’t make them work on some people ~ why?

There are many possible reasons for this. Without using “Players to the Game”, you have less chance of success ~ I have detailed the main “Players” in this book. Utilising one or two of these Players will usually negate most problems. Correct angle and direction could be another problem. Also, bear in mind that some people just do not feel the pain at very low power levels. DO NOT increase the power levels in training though. Bear in mind that you will be going full power in the street.

I want to learn more ~ what do I do next?

You have taken the first step, you have bought this book. Now get to my website and find an Instructor near you.

I have been studying my Kata but can not think of any Bunkai for many of the moves ~ can you help?

After reading this book you should have a much better understanding of movement. If not, get to my website and join the discussion group or better still, come train with me or one of my fully Qualified Instructors.