Han-Pul Korea Martial Arts

Han-Pul is a Korean style of martial art unlike most popular styles. Han-Pul is for people of all ages interested in the serious pursuit of martial art techniques and philosophy. Han-Pul is NOT a sport karate. There are no kata or tournaments. Students learn focus and technique, not just power and contact.

Han-Pul stresses:

  • Long, powerful strikes and kicks that use the power of
    the whole body
  • Focused techniques that forcefully neutralize the opponent’s attacks
  • Joint manipulations for throws, take-downs, pins,
    and weapon defense
  • Fighting skills such as falling, rolling, blocking, avoiding,
    and jumping
  • Relaxed intensity with pinpoint delivery of forceful
    techniques to pressure points
  • Practical self defense, street fighting, and the use of
    common objects as weapons
  • Weapons training in knife, sword, short stick, long staff, and cane