How to Learn Pressure Points Correctly?

Russell Stutely

I want to share some really important information with you.

People often ask me the best way to learn how to use Pressure Points, so, I am going to start sharing with you my “Pressure Points Tips”. I will discuss Pressure Points in particular and answer some of the most popular questions I am asked.

How to learn Pressure Points correctly?

This is a biggie . . . so I will answer it in several parts.

The first thing is to gain an understanding of how the body works from a martial arts perspective. This does not mean that you need to know the names of points or even the names of major muscle groups etc., but it would help if you start to learn the names as we go along.

It doesn’t matter what art you are practicing, I want you to take your best/favourite technique and really get a grips on it, understand it, and break it down into its constituent parts.

This means that you must analyse it to death. You must UNDERSTAND what every part of your body is doing to ensure the correct application of that technique.

For a simple “jab” as an example. You MUST know what your weight distribution is, how your feet are positioned, where you “push off” into the floor, how your body aligns, any “extra” movement that should not be there, where the correct power line of delivery is, how you are balanced, how you keep your defenses, the relationship between your shoulders, hips and ankles and MUCH more.

When you can break the technique down and you truly understand it, then you know how to “re-build” the technique to make it more effective. Once you truly understand the technique, then and only then do you begin to add in the Points. This sounds like a MAMMOTH journey if you are supposed to do this with EVERY technique! The journey is not as long as it sounds. If you do this exercise with 4 or 5 techniques, you will begin to REALLY understand how to break down a technique and how to make it better. Then you will be able to do this with any technique and THEN we can begin to add the points.

I ALWAYS teach people Balance Points first. If you understand how the body is balanced from both your perspective and your opponents perspective then you will automatically begin to break down technique.

Just this exercise alone will dramatically improve your Mmartial arts and self defense skills.

Hope that helps?