Learning Balance Points Helps With Learning Pressure Points

Russell Stutely

This is a bit like one of those “trust me” times. There are certain parts of the martial arts that we REALLY need to understand BEFORE we start to learn Pressure Points. Balance Points is one of those aspects that MUST be understood to gain the most benefit from Points.

Using Balance Point’s is one aspect that is often overlooked by most martial artists. Understanding Balance Points will not only allow you to gain the most benefit, but will also enable you to learn and apply Pressure Points at a VASTLY increased rate.

It will be an eye opener when you are shown these areas of the body and they are explained to you and then you train using Balance Points. Those of you from a grappling background, for example, are able to make use of them immediately in throws and takedowns and then on the ground when you understand the “principles” upon which BP’s are based.

I like to quote these lines in order to show the MASSIVE importance of Balance:

“If your opponent is completely OFF-Balance and using all their strength and abilities to try to regain their balance, while you are in-distance and completely in-balance, then you are in a position to hit them with everything you’ve got. Do you think this will increase your chances of success?”

“If you rob your opponent of his balance, it does not matter how big or strong he is at that moment in time, he will be using all his strength to try and re-gain his balance”

“If you have someone on the point of balance, you can put them down or unbalance them with the strength of one finger”

Hopefully you now appreciate the importance of balance?