Hyper Pro Training Youth Martial Arts Curriculum Program

Hyper Training Program

Martial Arts is so awesome!!! There are so many aspects of the arts, traditional training, self defense, competition and extreme martial arts. The Hyper Pro Training Program allows martial artists to grow in another aspect of the arts. It creates martial arts athletes who can compete in the extreme and who can also use what they learn the skills needed to work in the entertainment industry. Hyper has blessed us with some of the most talented instructors for extreme martial arts and now they are branching out to help martial arts instructors add an extreme component to their schools. Student athletes who are driven, love to compete,and who want to “go all out in the arts” will enjoy the Hyper Pro Training Program. Interested in a new component for your school? The Hyper Pro Training program may be a good fit!!!

This program includes:
Complete 3-Month Curriculum Modules
Weekly Training Sessions
Instructor Training Corner
Marketing/Enrollment Tools
Complete Camp Curriculum Modules
Special Events, Challenges & Contests
Over 5 years of Unique Curriculum

Anyone can teach this program with the tools provided. Special instructor videos for every class, simple instructor guide, music, pro insights and drills for teaching any student level.

Inspire your members and fill your classes and camps with our special commercials, passes, posters and our simple enrollment tools and presentations.

Easy to follow and teach themed curriculum camp schedules for week long and one day camps. Access over 25 unique camp itineraries with the complete curriculum.

Students love these weekly sessions. Fun music, cool kicks, forms, weapons and acrobatics are combined with drills, challenges and performance games.

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