Throughout his life, Jigoro Kano worked continuously for the diffusion, promotion and improvement of the ‘Kodokan Judo’. Since its founding in 1882 as a modern and evolved system of Ju-Jitsu, Kano provided not only an extensive technical curriculum, but also a philosophical approach, which made Kodokan Judo somewhat different from the warrior arts of the past. There are many documents currently available to the judo enthusiast, and it is relatively easy to get a general idea of Master Kano’s thinking. But there are old writings, phrases, tips, maxims and proverbs that are hardly known today, unknown to most, all of them written directly by Jigoro Kano, where we learn through his thoughts the traditional principles of Kodokan Judo, competition, techniques of self-defense, social and family relations, proper time use and ultimately how to be useful in society among many other aspects. We have had the opportunity to gather all this material and through this work we have put it to the full service in Jigoro Kano, Writings Of Kodokan Judo Founder, for all lovers of martial arts. We also include photos of the founding master of Kodokan Judo, some of them unpublished. Desiring that this work is to your liking, we recommend you to carefully read each sentence, each line and each paragraph of Jigoro Kano, Writings Of Kodokan Judo Founder, then you will perceive the enormous capacity and richness of the thoughts of a man who was ahead of his time to leave us as a legacy this beautiful art: Kodokan Judo.