Jim Wagner discusses knife violence in this Reality-Based article explaining that a close range a knife is just as lethal as a firearm.

A student went building-to-building stabbing 14 people at the Lone Star Community College in Cypress, Texas. At least one victim is reported in critical condition.

Some reports coming out this hour say that the 21-year-old suspect used either an X-Acto knife or a box cutter, which is legal on campus. The suspect was eventually tackled and subdued until authorities took him into custody.

Before today’s incident the campus had a shooting in January where four people were injured.

Before both of these incidents a Texas state senator filed legislation to allow concealed handguns on the state’s college campuses so criminals who go on a killing rampage will not have a target rich environment in a “Gun Free Zone.” The thought is that if a person, or persons, are massacring people an armed citizen can stop the carnage.

Since the Sandy Hook School shooting on December 12, 2012 politicians and the mainstream media have insisted on stricter gun control to “protect our children,” because 20 children were fatally shot by mentally disturbed Adam Lanza. Every time there has been a gun incident in the United States the headlines start off “GUN VIOLENCE,” as if somehow that time of violence is the worse kind. I wonder if we are going to see four months of the same outcry against “KNIFE VIOLENCE,” and a call for stricter knife control. If this were the United Kingdom, yes, but in America there will be no outrage against knives. People will just say, “Well, the criminal could have used and similar weapon.”

Knife Violence at Lone Star College

Of course, in America there are 300,000 million firearms. Even if all guns were banned today criminals and terrorists can get anything on the black market. Just south of the border, in Mexico, they have strict gun control laws, and yet killings with firearms, including all out street warfare with government units, is commonplace.

Anyone who has taken my KNIFE SURVIVAL course knows that a close range a knife is just as lethal as a firearm. Armed police officers get injured or killed by people with knives every year. The last two links will show you step-by-step how to survive a knife attack. Be A

Hard Target.






Here is a look at two of Jim Wagner’s YouTube videos that will teach you how to deal with a knife attack:


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