Learn Karate: Beginner to Advanced Lessons APP

The Learn Karate: Beginner to Advanced Lessons APP will help you learn Karate – starting from a beginner to advanced level.

The Learn Karate: Beginner to Advanced Lessons program will provide you with the foundations of karate techniques, and build you up so that you are able to master more advanced moves. Each exercise can be modified for increased intensity to fit your goals. This program is perfect for you if you are trying to learn beginner or advanced Karate OR want to use Karate as a form of exercise.

The Learn Karate: Beginner to Advanced Lessons program also includes three “Katas” that are routines you must learn before leveling up in the program. If you can master all three Katas and complete the program you will considered a black belt.

This is the ultimate Karate self-defense app!

There are a variety of programs in the app that include:

  • Complete Karate Program
  • MMA Strength and Conditioning
  • Flexibility Workouts
  • Karate Katas
  • Boxing Strength & Conditioning
  • Reaction Drills

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Each program includes:

  • Animated and video demonstrations that include voiceover
  • Detailed descriptions of each exercise and technique
  • Tools to track your progress

Fitivity’s trainers are some of the top athletic professionals in the world. Their staff includes Karate 5th degree black belts and fitness trainers who work with professional athletes, amateur athletes, fitness enthusiasts and people who have never exercised before. We understand Karate training and are here to help you improve.

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