Dave Kovar's Living Lessons: To Be Offended or Not To Be OffendedI was recently in Australia with my daughter. We had great time doing a series of seminars. In the middle of the trip, we spent a couple of days visiting our friends, the Durmans, on the central coast in Terrigal. It was absolutely beautiful there and is now one of my favorite places. One morning I went for a sunrise run with my friend, Chris, who has a martial arts school in the area. He took me a a scenic tour of the beach and town. Then, we finished our run up “The Skillian”, a high cliff on the water. The view was amazing, and worth the effort. I was enjoying our quick descent down the mountain when I started noticing a bunch of dog-do all over the trail. It was everywhere and I really had to watch my step or pay the consequences. Then I started thinking “Don’t people around here have enough respect for this area to pick up after their dog?” I became offended and for a moment, it was no longer fun. Then it hit me…….Am I going to let a bunch of dog poop ruin my morning? It was at that moment that I realized it was my choice to be offended or not to be. I decided not to be offended and after a bit of personal re-framing, I was back to enjoying myself.

To Be Offended or Not To Be Offended

This event once again reminded me of the fact that I have the option to interpret the events that happen in my life any way I want to…

And so do you. I think the key is to interpret life’s experiences in a way that is most empowering to you. Is this easy? Of course not, but it’s worth the effort. Don’t you think?