Marine Martial Arts APP

Marine Martial Arts App

Description of the Marine Martial Arts App

The Marine Martial Arts App is the U.S. Marine Corp training manual and includes hundreds of pages of great content. This app guides individual Marines, unit leaders, and close combat instructors in the proper tactics, techniques, and procedures for close combat.

Close combat is the physical confrontation between two or more opponents. It involves armed and unarmed and lethal and nonlethal fighting techniques that range from enforced compliance to deadly force. The purpose of close combat is to execute armed and unarmed techniques to produce both lethal and nonlethal results. Unarmed techniques include hand-to-hand combat and defense against hand-held weapons. Armed techniques include techniques applied with a rifle, bayonet, knife, baton, or any weapon of opportunity.

Marine Martial Arts App IconThere are basic principles that the hand-to-hand fighter must know and apply to successfully defeat an opponent. Principles include:
– Physical balance
– Mental balance
– Position
– Timing
– Distance
– Momentum

Chapters include:
– Fundamentals of Close Combat
– Lethal and Nonlethal Weapons
– Hand-Held Weapons
– Strikes
– Throws
– Chokes and Holds
– Ground Fighting
– Nonlethal Techniques

If you are interested in martial arts, hand-to-hand combat and military training, the Marine Martial Arts app is one you won’t want to miss.

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