Martial Arts Definitions E

Martial Arts Definitions
Eishin ryu: The original style of iaijutsu that embraces numerous kata and is combat oriented.
Eku: “Oar.” A weapon developed by Okinawan farmers. Today it is a training weapon common to Okinawan karate.
Embujo: A place of exhibition or athletic performances where martial arts events are often staged.
Encho: “Continuation” or “extension.” The overtime period of a match.
Enryo: A state of mind which is cultivated by the martial artist of contempt for death. It is related to seishi-o-choetsu.
Enteki: The art of long-distance archery.
Eri: Lapel.
Eri katsu: The lapel method of resuscitation used in judo.
Esquiva: A Spanish word meaning escape, defend, repel, get away, move out of the way, etc. It is also used in Spanish poetry, literature and prose, to indicate a demeanor of shyness or elusiveness.
Estocador: A practitioner of eskrima.