Martial Arts Definitions F

Martial Arts Definitions
Fari Gatka: An Indian form of fencing centered around shields (fari) and swords (gatka). The gatka is a three foot, leather-covered stick. The fari, nine inches in diameter, is also leather bound. To score points the stick must simply touch the vital points designated on the opponent’s body.
Five Elements: Metal, Wood, Earth, Water and Fire. Metal cuts Wood, Wood enters Earth, Earth holds Water, Water puts out fire and fire melts Metal. Used in pressure point fighting.
Focus: A state of mind which is cultivated by the martial artist giving the ability to concentrate only on ones goal.
Fou Tou Ou: A sword used in kung fu, known as the “hook and crescent” sword.
Fu: The battle axe.
Fu antei: A judo term denoted instability or lack of balance.
Fuchi: The metal sleeve located at the base of the handle next to the guard of a samurai sword.
Fudoshi: A tight fitting loin cloth worn by Judo practitioners to avoid injury.
Fudoshin: A state of mind which is cultivated by the martial artist in which one is calm, detached and unthreatened. The principal was developed by Miyamoto Musashi and it is fundamental to all warrior philosophy.
Fukai: To hold strongly.
Fukiya: Pins and poison darts shot through a blowgun.
Fukubu: A target area in sport karate that includes the diaphragm, abdomen and side chest area.
Fu jya: A style of kung fu that employs both hard and soft techniques.
Funakoshi: A student of Master Itosu who taught Karate-do.