Martial Arts Definitions J

Martial Arts Definitions
Jeet Kune Do: (Cantonese) “Way of the intercepting fist.” A collection of basic mental and physical concepts, observations of combat maneuvers, and philosophies of attitude gathered and developed by the late Bruce Lee.
Jeja: Student.
Jikan: “Time.” A term used by the timekeepers at the beginning and end of a Japanese style match.
Jing: The Chinese term used for using an opponent’s own energy against him.
Jip joong: Concentration.
Jip Joong “Power gathering.” The act of breathing while meeting an opponent’s attack in order to unify one’s internal and external forces.
Jirugi: Punch.
Jitsu: “Fighting art”
Jiyu: Freedom (of movement, et al).
Jo: “Staff.” A four foot long wooden staff.
Jodan: “Upward” or “upper level.” A compound word affixed to the name of techniques in Japanese karate.
jodo: “Way of the stick.” The Japanese method of stick fighting using a jo. Also known as jojutsu.
jogai: “Out of bounds.” A term used by a referee to denote that either or both contestants are out of bounds.
Jojutsu: See “jodo.”
Jonin: A ninja leader.
Joomuk: Fist.
Joseki: In a traditional Japanese dojo, the area where instructors often times line up and face the students at the beginning and end of each practice session.
Jofu fa: An ancient form of Chinese combat that emphasized close-range grappling techniques.
Judo: “Gentle way.” A Japanese art of self-defense and a sport with Olympic recognition. Judo is a method of turning an opponent’s strength and overcoming by skill rather than sheer strength.
Judogi: The uniform worn by a Judo practioner.
Judan: 10th degree black belt in traditional Japanese styles.
Jujutsu: “Art of gentleness.” Literally, the technique or the art of suppleness, gentleness. All of these terms, however, represent a single principle, a general method of applying a technique using the human body as a weapon in unarmed combat. Also known as jiu jitsu.
Judoka: A practitioner of judo.
Junbi sogi: Ready stance.
Jushin: Center of gravity.
Jutsu: “Art.” A term linking a fighting method with the bugei, or martial disciplines of war, rather than with the sporting or aesthetic practices of modern Japan.
Jutte: A forked iron truncheon that can parry an attack by a sword.
Jutte jutsu: Art of the jutte.