Martial Arts Definitions I

Martial Arts Definitions
I: “Will,” “mind,” or “intent.”
Iai: “Swordplay.” A sword exercise employing a series of thrusting and cutting techniques while drawing and returning the blade.
Iaido: “Way of the sword.” The modern art of drawing the samurai sword from its scabbard.
Ibuki: “Breath control.” Isotonic breathing exercises based on dynamic tension principles practiced in conjunction with, and also separate to, the execution of karate techniques.
In ibuki: “Passive” or “internal breathing.” A soft-but-firm type of breathing that stems from deep in the abdomen. It is common to many different martial arts.
Ippon-seoi-nage: One arm shoulder (back carry) throw.
Isshin ryu: “One-heart method.” A hybrid form of unarmed combat based on several Okinawan karate systems, founded by Tatsuo Shimabuku in 1954.
Itosu: Karate Master who began teaching Karate-do to Okinawan school children in 1902 Okinawa.