Martial Arts Definitions R

Martial Arts Definitions
Randori: Free sparring.
Rei: (Ray) “Soul or Spirit” A bow that begins in the tan tien (seat of the soul located in the abdoinal area). The term is used as a command to bow.
Reishiki: “Etiquette, Manners or Correctness” Having the correct attitude as you follow the correct path or “Way”.
Renmei: A federation, league, or union of Japanese martial arts clubs.
Renshu: Practice or training period.
Renzuki: Continuous attack.
Riken: Backfist.
Ritsurei: Standing bow.
Rokudan: 6th degree black belt in traditional Japanese styles.
Rokushakubo: See “bo.”
Ryu: “Way,” “school,” or “method.” A term used as a suffix after almost all styles of Japanese and Okinawan martial arts. Ryu is used to designate a formalized martial tradition under an established teacher and school.
Ryukyu: (ree-you-cue) chain of Islands which includes Okinawa that extend from southern Japan to Taiwan.