Martial Arts Definitions U

Martial Arts Definitions
Uchi: Strike.
Uchi deshi: “Apprentice.” An old Japanese practice where a student was apprenticed to a martial arts master in order to become an instructor in turn.
Uchi-mata: Inner thigh. Judo foot technique.
Uchi-mata-gaeshi: Inner thigh counter. Judo foot technique.
Uchi-mata-sukashi: Inner thigh reversal hand technique.
Ude: Forearm or arm.
Uechi ryu: An Okinawan style of karate founded by Kanbum Uechi. It is characterized by linear patterns and forceful breathing.
Uke: “Receiver.” The partner upon whom the technique is executed.
Ukemi: “Breakfalling.” The art of using shock-dispersing action such as rolls and breakfalls to avoid injury when falling.
Uke-waza: Counter moves.
Uki: Floating
Uki-goshi: Floating hip, hip technique.
Uki-otoshi: Floating drop.
Undong: Exercise.
Ura: “Reverse,” “hidding,” or “rear.”
Uraken: Reverse fist.
Ura zuki: Reverse punch.
Ushiro: “Back,” “rear,” or “behind.”
Utsu: To strike or to hit.
Ushiro-goshi: rear (back) hip. Judo hip technique.
Utsuri-goshi: Switching hip. Judo hip technique.
Uye: “Up” or “upward.”