Martial Arts Definitions Y

Martial Arts Definitions
Yama-arashi: Mountain storm. Hand technique
Yang: “Active” or “positive.” In ying-yang theory, the positive aspect associated with what is described as centrifugal, expansive and extroversive.
Yari: Spear.
Yikwon: Backfist.
Yin: “Passive” or “negative.” One of the fundamental metaphysical elements of yin-yang whose balance is believed to be the center of existence.
Yo: Same as Yang in Yin-Yang
Yodan: 4th degree black belt in traditional Japanese styles.
Yojimbo: “Bodyguard.” The name given to a masterless samurai (ronin) who hired themselves out as professional bodyguards.
Yoko: “Side” or “lateral.”
Yoko aruki: One of the unique ninja walking techniques to move stealthily through woods or narrow areas.
Yoko-geri: Side kick
Yoksudo: Ridge hand.
Yokosutemi-waza: Side sacrifice techniques
Yon sok: Combination.
Yubi: Finger.
Yudansha: 4th degree black belt