Rather than the usual layout of chapters etc within a book. I have set out to introduce you to the “secrets” of Karate in the order that they are learnt. There are no chapters because not one of these phases ever actually stops. The more you learn, then the more you go back to the beginning and start again. The more you add to that which you already know. This is one of the main “Secrets” of Karate.

Every Martial Artists should be taught the following BEFORE anything else: How to Box! Plain and simple, how to Box. These four punches and the relevant defenses against and stances etc take a lifetime to master anyway. Just when you know how to use them properly, your reflexes have slowed and you get beat by the younger faster guy. The balance, co-ordination, timing, sparring, technique of Boxing is paramount. Was not ancient Kung Fu called Chinese Boxing? So, get down to your local Boxing Gym for 6 months or so and learn the basics of Boxing.

Then, add in your Kicks, Knees and elbows and various other strikes within your system. This is all done at the same time as you are learning your self defense, BAR, Palm Down etc. Every time you have a new technique, low roundhouse kick for example, you add that to your SD Training, your BAR Training and of course your Palm Down Training.
I hope you can see how this is all coordinated now?