The Palm Down technique has been used many times to defend oneself when the fight did not seem a good idea. This is a tried and trusted method of defense that has worked for me personally many times and has halted many potentially nasty situations from developing further.

It is crucial that you keep the correct distance from your attacker and that you do not let them close the gap.

Russell Stutely Palm Down Technique 1 and 2

Photo 1 This details the correct distance that you must keep between you and your opponent. Too close and he will just hit you. Too far away, but not far enough, and he will probably rush you.

Angle of approach

This is a simple but often unused rule for self defence. NEVER move backwards in a straight line.

REMEMBER, your attacker can move forwards MUCH quicker than you can move backwards.

You MUST always try to move back at an angle if you can. The best angle to take is 45 degrees to the side of your opponent.

Photos 2 – 4 Figs 2 to 4 detail the correct way to utilize the Palm Down in order to negate your opponents attack and put yourself in the correct position.

Russell Stutely Palm Down Technique 3 and 4

Many of my colleagues have utilised the above techniques as a means to avoid getting into a fight. I have also used these techniques many times with 100% success in fight avoidance and 100% success in being able to apply BAR.

It is CRUCIAL when utilising the Palm Down that you keep your arms above your own eye level and as straight as possible. Once you have knocked an incoming arm down you MUST return your arms to the start position and maintain your distance.

REMEMBER, if an opportunity arises for you to attack and you know that you must, then you MUST take it with 100% conviction.