3 Mixed Stretches for MMA

Sometimes it just feels great to lay on the floor and stretch. Particularly if your body is very tight from other forms of training. With all the cross training that most MMA fighters must rely on to be at their best, time can often be like gold. Moreover, like good fighting skills, economy of movement is essential. Here is one of my all time favorite, economical, comfortable and effective stretching sets ever to find it’s way onto an MMA training mat. The best part is, it will stretch your shoulders, quads, hips and neck comfortably, while you relax after a hard day of training.

Three Mixed Stretches:
Laying on your right side, bend in your left leg to grab your left foot. Stretch up your left leg, while remaining on your side so that the stretch is opening your hips. Hold for about 30 seconds. Still holding your left foot, bring it down to the floor in front of you, moving your right arm down to catch your foot so that you are holding your left foot with both hands. Let your head relax so it is stretching onto the floor. Hold for 30 seconds. Now release your right hand and bend and stretch your left foot back pulling your foot to your behind. Let it rest on your other leg. Hold for 30 seconds. Repeat for a total of 3 times, then reverse sides. Remember to keep breathing through the nostrils in order to flush toxins that
stiffen, out of your joints.

Time Needed to Perform: 3-5 minutes
Best Time to Perform: After a demanding training session.