The MAU 2013: 20 Year Tribute to the Grandmasters in Action

MAU Event Flyer 2013 Year Tribute to the Grandmasters in Action

Dear Friends and School Owners,

On July 27-28, 2013, the IFOJJ Martial Art University will present The Martial Arts University 2013: 20 Year Tribute to the Grandmasters in Action. This event will pay tribute to pioneers and masters in the martial arts including Peter Urban, Joe Lewis, Bruce Lee, Ed Parker, Carlos Gracie, Don Nagel, Bruce Lee, Michael De Pasquale Sr and others who have paved the road for us to train and teach their systems.

This year we are doing something very special. We are presenting a Lineage Image Award to ALL teachers and to their students. While at the event, we will have a calligrapher who will write the students name and fill in their Lineage Tree with up to five instructors The certificate  also has a special spot to adhere your instructor’s photo. This certificate is beautiful and includes photos of he great pioneers in the arts who we are honoring.

Below is an example of the certificate. Black Belt Joe Ferro (recipient) is the student of Henry Kennedy, who is a student of Joe Hess, who is a student of Pioneer Peter Urban and also a student of Michael De Pasquale, Jr. who is a student of Pioneer Michael DePasquale, Sr..

Mau Lineage Award 3013

You can go to and register you and your students online or download the forms to register below.  If you download the forms, please make sure you get them mailed in right away!

Lineage Image Presentation School Application PDF

IFOJJs Martial Arts University 2013 JULY

Hopefully our certificates will help your students gain the same respect you have for your lineage.

Instructors, if you have a prior commitment, we would love to have your students come and represent your school.*

All attending will become members of the International Federation of Ju-Jutsuans. Feel free to call me at 201-666-7100 or email me at

Michael De Pasquale, Jr.
International Federation of Ju-Jutsuans

*For those instructors who make a commitment to bring ten or more students, you will have an opportunity to teach a segment alongside the other martial art icons who are sharing their knowledge and experience with us. We will also have other incentives to help instructors bring their students to The Martial Arts University 2013: 20 Year Tribute to the Grandmasters.