Phillip Starr

Phillip Starr

Martial Artist Phillip Starr began training in Judo in 1956 when his Father was stationed in the Panama Canal Zone. Within a year, he began training in traditional kung-fu. He continued training, also earning Black Belt grades in two styles of Japanese karate. His primary kung-fu teacher was W. C. Chen, a direct disciple of one of China’s best-known masters, Zhang Zhaodong. Mr. Starr learned taijiquan (tai-chi chuan), xingyiquan, baguazhang, and a form of shaolinquan from Master Chen.

Phillip Starr began teaching Chinese martial arts in 1967 at Parsons College in Fairfield, Iowa. He spent several years in law enforcement, serving as a peace officer, working in (state) drug enforcement, as a correctional officer at a state penitentiary, and later as a private investigator. He opened his first full-time school in Ottumwa, Iowa. He entered competition and earned the title of U.S. National Champion 5 times, the last time when he was 63 yrs. old. In 1976 he was named as a U.S. National Champion of the United States Karate Association, the only kung-fu stylist to achieve that title at that time.

In 1982 he was the founder of Yiliquan (One Principle Boxing) and currently serves as the National Chairman of the Yiliquan Martial Arts Association.

In 1991 Phillip Starr became the National Chairman for the Amateur Athletic Union (AAU) Chinese Martial Arts Division in 1991 and within 2 years he built it into the largest Chinese Martial Arts organization in the United States. He was inducted into the Kung-Fu Hall of Fame by Inside Kung-Fu Magazine.

Mr. Starr has authored five books on the Chinese Martial Arts including Developing Jin: Silk-Reeling Power in Tai Chi and the Internal Martial Arts, Hidden Hands: Unlocking the Secrets of Traditional Martial Arts Forms, Martial Maneuvers: Fighting Principles and Tactics of the Internal Martial Arts, Martial Mechanics: Maximum Results with Minimum Effort in the Practice of the Martial Arts, The Making of a Butterfly: Traditional Chinese Martial Arts As Taught by Master W. C. Chen, all of which are currently available on and in fine bookstores.

Phillip Starr lived and taught in southern (mainland) China for 3 years and currently lives in Omaha Nebraska teaching traditional Chinese martial arts based on Shaolin style forms, Tai-chi Quan(taijiquan), Xing Yi Quan, Baguazang.