What RMCAT is instructing is effective and applied self defense for today’s world. You can do far more to protect yourself than you may have imagined.

What is RMCAT’s Adrenal Stress Conditioning Through Scenario Based Training?

Experience has proven to us that Scenario Based Training is the key to effective “real world” self defense training . This is true whether you are forced to defend yourself with your bare hands, with a gun, a knife or any other such tool.

This is because the  real problem people have in defending themselves against the criminal element is not a lack of  “martial arts” training or even their speed or marksmanship with a gun. One may be a strong martial artist in the dojo and/or a very quick & accurate pistol shot on the range, but neither of these qualitiesalone may generally be enough to permit that person to prevail in an actual assault.

The real challenge that you will face in defending yourself or your loved ones is not so dependent on your knowledge of hand to hand fighting techniques or on your “score” on the pistol range. Your survival is much more dependent upon your ability to handle the often overwhelming effects of the adrenaline rush.

That adrenaline rush is the one thing that you can absolutely count on  happening to you in any life and death situation and under these effects even an otherwise good martial artist may “flail” ineffectually and an experienced firearms person may simply “freeze up” when faced with a real attack . This “choke” phenomenon is a very natural response too, in the absence of proper adrenal stress training (or prior actual combat experience). The criminal element understands and counts on this fact too! He expects his victim to “freeze up” even if only for that first critical instant. He has learned that even a few seconds of hesitation are all he needs to “safely” overcome or control his victim. These predators are very seldom really looking for a fight at all, what they are looking for is a safe victim.  Hence,  if you do not choke, but instead you act immediately and decisively, then the criminal is often not at all well prepared to deal with this.

This is precisely what our RMCAT programs train you to do because the scenarios you will face at RMCAT will be so real that your body will experience that adrenal rush and this is the only way for you to learn how to overcome it . . . and beyond that, this is the only way for you to learn to use its tremendous power in a crisis too!   No previous  martial arts or firearms training is required for any of the RMCAT BASICS classes and we are not teaching any particular martial art either. What RMCAT is instructing is effective and applied self defense for today’s world. At this training you will discover that you can do far more than you may have imagined and you will have a fantastically fun time making that discovery too!

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