Robert Bowles: Shuri-Ryu

Hanshi Robert Bowles is a 10th Degree and the founder and director of the International Shuri-Ryu Association. He began his karate training in Phoenix, Arizona under Grand Master Robert A. Trias. An interest, which began as a hobby, ultimately changed the direction of his life. The 1960’s were exciting years for Robert Bowles, as his training in the honbu dojo became his primary focus. Local tournaments lead to national competitions and soon Bowles had established himself as one of the top competitors in the country. Grand Master Trias personally awarded him the coveted Trias International Award, which recognizes the most spirit competitors in the world.

Interest in the martial arts was growing quickly in America; however, karate was still relatively new in most parts of the country. In light of the fact that Grand Master Trias opened the first karate school in the United States (1946) and was a recognized authority in the field of martial arts, a steady stream of requests for information flowed into the honbu dojo. B

Robert Bowles was sent by Grand Master Trias as an ambassador of Shuri-Ryu to teach and promote martial across the country. He was personally appointed by Grand Master Trias as Chief Instructor of the Shuri-Ryu system and given the lifelong commission to uphold the high standards of Shuri-Ryu karate-do.

In loving memory and with devoted purpose, after the death of his Sensei, Grand Master Robert A Trias, Hanshi Bowles established the International Shuri-Ryu Association. Since then the Association has mushroomed around the world!

As a martial arts ambassador, Hanshi Bowles has traveled around the world representing the United States in sixteen countries in Europe, South America and the Orient. Hanshi Bowles  has long been recognized as one of the top Instructors in the country. He continues to operate his dojos and direct the I.S.A. from World Headquarters in Fort Wayne, Indiana.

The International Shuri-Ryu Association is the largest organization of Shuri-Ryu stylists in the world!