Master Sang Koo Kang is the owner and director of Sang’s Tae Kwon Do Schools. When he was the director of three martial arts schools, he created and implemented Sang’s Black Belt Success System, a uniquely structured curriculum focusing on the core elements of martial arts: respect, discipline, perseverance and self-control.

He has been given the key to several cities: Miami Beach, Pembroke Pines, and Surfside. In addition, these cities proclaimed Master Sang Days.

He was seven-time champion in Sunshine State Tae Kwon Do Championships, as well as a member of the National Trial Tae Kwon Do Team.

Master Sang Koo Kang personal motto is “Strength is Unity”

Professional Background:

  • Sixth Degree Black Belt
  • Master in Hapkido
  • Expert in Muay Thai kickboxing, self-defense and weapons
  • Produced TKO Video Training System

Personal History

  • Originally from Seoul, Korea
  • Began study of martial arts at the age of five.
  • Ultimate goal is to earn the distinguished title of Grand Master, 10th degree black belt that one can only earn at the earliest age of 61.

Featured In:

  • Cover of Black Belt Magazine
  • Cover of Tae Kwon Do Magazine
  • Ocean Drive Magazine
  • Stunt Performer in Rush Hour 2 and 3 with Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker and Shoot Fighter II.
  • Spotlights on WSVN (Channel 7) and 4
  • Spotlight in Sporttown
  • Univsion TV

Master Sang’s involvement in the South Florida community is notable; he continually strives to provide his students with the moral tools to develop into fully rounded individuals through martial arts training. For his dedication to his students and contributions to society, Master Sang has been recognized by the Mayor and awarded the Key to three different cities.

Between the three locations, Sang’s Tae Kwon Do Schools have over 600 students enrolled with more than 70 students who are presently black belt. Students from Sang’s Tae Kwon Do Schools continually compete in local and state martial arts championships, many of which are award winners. Each year, Sang’s Tae Kwon Do schools, with guidance from local public schools, give back to their community by awarding seven martial arts training scholarships for needy South Florida children.