Seagal & Kwok Seminar in Russia A Great Success

One way to improve relations between peoples is through training together in the martial arts and aikido Grand Master Steven Seagal and IP Wing Chun Grand Master Samuel Kwok, teamed up and did just that. Together they taught Master Classes in aikido and wing chun.

The First International Budo Festival in Moscow was put together by the Russian Aikido Federation and the event took place on October 12-14, 2018. More then 300 Masters, teachers and Black Belts from 32 countries participated in the training. It was a huge success!

About the The Aikido Federation of Russia
The Aikido Federation of Russia was created in 1995 and has the “Official Recognition” of the World Aikido Center Aikikai Hombu Dojo. The Aikido Federation of Russia closely collaborates with the International Federation of Aikido and the Aikido Federation of Great Britain. The Aikido Federation of Russia is one of the founders of the National Aikido Council of Russia and is a member of the Russian Union of Martial Arts and the Committee of National Non-Olympic Sports.

Martial Artist Steven Seagal Working to Improve U.S.-Russia Relations